Football All Stars


Still a mystery why Cluxton went for that ball against Galway . Guess he backs himself but he’s had a few go awry.


On the goalkeeping gong in fairness Beggan deserves it. Does all the fundamentals well and with the capacity to put a place ball over the bar from 60 m, he can and does make the difference in games.The mistakes he made were not as serious as Stephens this year. Think Briody from Laois was the best shot stopper this year.
The Malachy Clerkin piece was excellent. Best GAA journalist by far. Agree 100% in his assessment that Cluxton is the single most influential player in recent decades.
But let me celebrate SC’s achievements for another reason.He is the strongest dressing room influence in Dublin Gaa since Brian Mullins. He sets the standard and ethos. Work ethic. Team ethic. Humility. None of the traditional swagger and hubris associated with Dublin Gaa which often caused us to underachieve. Read John Leonards book ( a must read for Dublin Gaa fans) and the few references to Cluko summarises the man. This being a Dublin supporters forum I may be remiss in saying he should not feel slighted in being passed over for an all star but he is the single most important member of the current Dublin panel. Given there is circa 40 all stars in it thats saying something. I am not a gambling man-quite the opposite but can someone tell me how to go about getting odds on him getting the current Jim Gavin role in the future?


Doubt he’d want the kind of exposure a high profile job like that would bring . Definitely could see him as a selector or goal keeping coaching job . Or he may just ride off in the sunset , he has absolutely nothing else to prove at this stage .


Good and enjoyable post but … Fermanagh goal … Ulster title.
Hail Mary shot … All Ireland final appearance …

Cluxton’s mistakes obviously cost all conquering Dublin nothing …


The mistake Beggan made cost Monaghan the chance of a draw, far more serious than the consequences of Cluxtons mistakes


There is an anti-Dublin bias and it is not just about success. Kilkenny won a stack of All Irelands and if anything, ended up getting All Stars just because they were Kilkenny. It was almost fashionable and habitual for the likes of Shefflin to get one every year. The treatment of Cluxton is a disgrace. It’s bullying at this stage. Dublin should boycott the awards until a fairer system is put in place. In other words, ■■■■ them.


Just checked the Stats for the Kilkenny 4 in a row era (06 - 09). The most they got in a single year was 9. There is not a chance in hell that we’d be given 9, even though there was not a single moment in this year’s champo where I thought we were in trouble. Or the league for what it’s worth.
This era is killing every one of the anti Dubs brigade in the media, and the all star awards are the only little chance they have to bite back. Small time. ■■■■ em.


Cuxton will go down as the best keeper to play the game. He revolutionised the position. However I feel that this year Beggan has added another dimension to the goalkeeping position. His kick out bypassing midfield straight into the path of the centre forward, his 60 metre frees. He was top notch all year barring the end of the Tyrone match and don’t forget that should have been a free in anyway for the foul on Hughes. I’ve been to both Monaghan and Dublin games this year and I don’t think there is any doubt Beggan deserved it. The last 2 years Cluxton was robbed but not this year. Congrats to Fento but I thaught CK deserved it this year but delighted a dub got it!


While I agree Clucko should have got an all star was it not a running joke when Kilkenny where winning all Ireland’s there keeper never got one as he had so little to do


Congrats to Fenton. He was my personal preference. Commiserations to CK and BH. I can’t begrudge Clifford. A brilliant player surrounded by mediocrity who had to do it all himself.


I really don’t get the argument that he was surrounded by mediocrity, I mean if anything that would only make him look better, but either way it is just as valid to say that Howard stood out in a team full of brilliant players.I remember before the All Ireland semis people were saying that Clifford would just edge it, but given Howard’s performances in the semi and final, I cannot understand how he would not have overtaken Clifford, it is like those two games were not taken into account.


Barring the last minute, Beggan had a fantastic game against Tyrone. I don’t remember the exact stats but only a couple out of about 25 kickouts didn’t find a Monaghan man. The reason Monaghan didn’t get to the final was because the team in general was poor on the day. Same thing goes for the Fermanagh game, where some blame Beggan for Monaghan not reaching an Ulster final. Sure, it wasn’t a great goal to concede, but it’s hardly Beggan’s fault that Monaghan only scored 10 pts that day. In reality that mistake shouldn’t have mattered if Monaghan played anywhere near their potential.

That’s the difference for me in terms of the mistakes both have made, Cluxton has such an excellent team in front of him that his mistakes didn’t matter a bit, Dublin weren’t going to be in trouble regardless.


The Fermanagh goal was as bad as either of Cluxton’s two, not saying it was his fault Monaghan did not win, but people are saying Cluxton did not win because of similar mistakes. Beggan’s mistake in the semi final was totally self inflicted`, Cluxton’s stats for finding his man in the final were incredible, he made one of the best peno saves seen for a long time in the final. In saying all that I have no problem with Beggan winning it, but the fact that Cluxton has been overlooked on some many occasions is annoying to say the least and now this idea that Beggan and Clifford should get the awards because they are on inferior teams just seems like people looking for any excuse to justify a decision. I mean you can make up an argument to suit any story, I could say Cluxton does not get the same chances to show off his ability because he plays for a better tam so that should be taken into account.


He didn’t get one because he wasn’t good enough. There were just better keepers in other counties. No question.


Clucko or the Kilkenny keeper


I don’t think Beggan got it because he was on an inferior team, he got it because he had a better 2018, imo.

As I’ve said before, Cluxton was definitely harshly overlooked in previous years but it would be very unfair on Beggan if that was a factor in who won the award this year.


I agree with Blueballs.

Senior POTY - arguments for everyone.
Young POTY - arguments for both.
Goalkeeper all star - arguments for both.

Where there is a tight call they’ll go against Dublin, human nature, Cluxton has 6 all Ireland medals and 5 all stars. Beggan before yesterday had 0 all Ireland medals, minimal chance of ever getting one if you look at his county’s tradition, and 0 all stars. Further, all stars are greater consolation and more realistic enough rewards for people who won’t likely win an all Ireland - Barry Owens, Declan Browne, Mattie Force etc etc. For lads from weaker counties all stars are possibly a more realistic pinnacle.

Leave Beggan away with it IMO. Looks a great goalie to me. Cluxton has the world by the balls, he’ll be grand.



Congrats to all the All stars last night. I actually thought Kilkenny would get player of the year and Howard young player…

Next year we will have the bulk of them when we stop yer drive for 5 :wink:


I think Jim or Clarkie should name Clucko, Deano, Brian H and CK in the O’Byrne Cup team and go all out to win it. An OBC medal would be a fine consolation, it being on a par with the All Star awards.