Football All Stars


What does he tell them " It’s the process" :slight_smile:


Here’s one from 6 months ago where the interviewer questions him hard


Congratulations to all the winners, especially the Dubs, and Fento and most especially my club mate Jamesy. His 3rd All Star, pretty special, added to his 6 Celtic crosses. Very happy for them all.

Of course Clucko and Rocky should be in that 15 too, but it’s never going to happen! I agree with the previous posters that said maybe the winners shouldn’t be included in the All Stars, that it should be a reward for the others. The Celtic cross should be absolutely sufficient for the winning team.

Lastly, on Clifford getting it, it’s of no real surprise. He is a magnificent player, as is Howard, but he had single handedly dragged Kerry to victory this year a couple of times, Howard hasn’t had to do that! Yet!


I agree, but I think Clifford’s performances just stood out more. Howard was one great cog among other great cogs in an excellent machine. By the Super 8s I felt Clifford was pretty much carrying the Kerry team by himself, which was some achievement for a rookie. Those performances just stand out more, which leads to more votes. Also there is a bit of a tendency to give these awards to out and out scoring forwards.


Ex pats keeper first .


True, but a Bohs man true and true. An old work colleague of mine. A great 'keeper. Played a game in front of him in the States and even though the years were not on his side, he was exceptional, and not afraid to bollock me when I put a foot wrong! Which was quite regular!!!


Anybody see when Fenton is announced as winner they cut to the crowd and show Con and Murchan sitting beside each other and sludden the other side of Murchan. Poor guy can’t get away from him on or off the pitch!!


Ah I know , but he was pats keeper when I was started going to see them as a kid. Fed up with the bohs love in on here :sweat_smile:. A great goalkeeping family the Hendersons.


Imo Howard has been shafted…end of…clifford had 3 excellent games in the super 8’s yes but in a team that was poor…howard came into a winning 3 time AI winning team and was very close to POTY never mind YPOTY…but the people will tell you its a Dublin bias media :zipper_mouth_face::roll_eyes:


Clifford is a KOTF culchie. They have been waiting for him since Gooch retired. The hitting of wood was felt by all off the journo’s ancestors. Howard could of levitated and score 3-9 a match. Would of not made a bit of difference.

All in all and my bias aside. Clifford was the main man in a very shite Kerry team. Like wearing a white shirt amongst a thousand red ones.


Behave yourself. He played far more games for us over his two spells than with any other club and every medal he ever won in the game, including his League medal from 1990, was with us. If he tells you he’s a Bohs man it’s only cos he reckons there might be a pint or two in it for him.


An individual’s performance had to be incredible this year to beat Howard. I think Clifford’s were and he just about deserved it,


Delighted for Fenton - my POTY - has set and maintained incredible standards for over three years now. Even think about that - he’s on the scene just over three years and has 4 Celtic crosses, 4 Leinsters, three Leagues and now a fully deserved POTY! He hasn’t even matured yet. It’s incredible yet he remains largely understated - probably a good thing. If he was from some other counties he would be deified by now. A legend.

Part of the issue around these awards is the standards our players continually set. Any blip - even though they are operating above most other players is an excuse to give the worthless gongs (All Stars) elsewhere.

Clifford too is a fine player and will most likely be a legend before he’s 25. Regardless of whether he carries his team or not they won a Munster and didn’t get past the QFs. In his breakthrough season Brian Howard secured a place in the greatest team of all time and delivered some fine performances on the way to League, Leinster and All Ireland glory and should have got YPOTY fully on merit.


Agree. I’m also glad our lads aren’t showered with individual awards to be honest, especially when they’re so young. Keeps feet on the ground and maybe chips on shoulders to be avenged by lifting Sam the next year. I’m fine with that deal.


Good point URoy . Ciaran Kilkenny certainly seem to play with a chip on his shoulder this year ( very noticeably in castlebar where he bullied back Lee Keegan who dared to mark him like he did the previous summer ) .Hoping he does the same next year on his next mission. We certainly don’t want our boys to be happy with what they have


Delighted though that the two Brians secured the midfield All Stars. Finally Raheny is known for something other than the Grove.




Agree on the other positions you mentioned but not the keeper. If a high ball comes in and a forward is alone inside a keeper has to go for it. Simple.

But if a defender is marking a forward the keeper has a decision to make. And that decision is key. If he contests the high ball he simply must win it. A ball trickling over the line because the keeper got it wrong is a disaster. But that’s the responsibility of the position.

A good keeper will rarely win you a game but can often lose you one.


Cheers Bosco - have amended post. I was thinking 15-18 is three - but more incredibly it’s 4!!!


But if the defender is Murchan, who isn’t going to win it, then the keeper has no choice really. Sure, he must win it, but that doesn’t mean he will.

I was looking the final again the other night, with the commentators going on about the ‘Morgan meltdown’. He had one bad kick out. For all the rest, his own players were probably favorites for the ball. But it made me think why should the keeper take responsibility at all, just lump it out there like Durcan from Donegal and let them fight for it.