Football All Stars


They are for the people picking the sides usually, which is a tad troubling. Or the games which are on tv.


That is very arguable.


There is an argument for Beggan getting it this year but there are none whatsoever for Clarke getting it the previous 2 years


Lats year was a complete and utter joke.


Well they gave Clarke the all star in a year where his own people dropped him for the all Ireland . That would appear tricky to justify.


Why would people be bitter about Cavanagh? Good for him but people questioning how he got an all star on performances alone,how he got full back and how he’s an all star machine now he doesn’t have to mark anyone.

Would he get an all star as a traditional full back, say marking a Clifford?
Would he get an all star as a traditional midfield ,say marking a Fenton?

That’s all no bitterness about it . I would be more bitter about it if my name was Wylie.


You can make an equal case for Kilkenny and Fenton for POTY. But the players vote will go to Fenton ( Kilkenny still has a polarising view out there despite his outrageous brilliance in league and championship this year)

But Fenton has been the best player in the country over three years so fully deserves that acolade. I read he scored 1:13 from play from midfield in championship this year which is astonishing in itself

YPOTY will go to Clifford only because the culchie players will vote for the non dub. No other reason


This is a great piece on Fento


Good point, this.


Clifford gets YPOTY! Quelle surprise!!


So bang on the money. They play as a team, they win as a team and give wooly the finger on social media as s team.


Hendo is a legend!


That ex Bohs goalie? Fair play to him


One again the coin flips in the same direction. I know many on here felt Clifford not only would get it, and would be deserving of it, but the reality is both players were brilliant, but surely havçing a very good All Ireland semi final and an excellent final, should have been enough to win it for Howard, I mean was Clifford so much better than him all year to outweigh Howard’s performances in the two biggest games of the year.


Absolute sham. Clifford only getting the nod because he’s a Yerra. That’s not taking away from his performances this year but Jesus, Howard won an AI FFS


People would argue of Howard that it’s easier to slot into a multiple All Ireland winning outfit, the likes of which we have. I’d argue that it’s a measure of the guy’s talent that he was able to not only slot in so seamlessly, but to also contribute consistently in maintaining the team’s performance. He certainly wasn’t riding on anyone’s coat-tails.


I am not sure the term ‘at fault’ applies when a guy is just beaten to the ball. A keeper is at fault if he drops the ball or something, but I don’t think not winning the ball applies. If it did, Fenton is the worst player on the team because he is at fault for not winning five or six high balls during the year.


Fento :open_mouth:

Was sure CK would get it. Worthy winner regardless


Anyway hope they all enjoy the night now


Thought RTÉ did a decent job of that . Started with the four in a row achievement with plenty of quotes and interviewed Jim straight away who had a front row seat with his wife ( though I doubt he wanted it ) , who they referenced a few times . Credit where it’s due

Jim incidentally has done quite a few business dinners and speeches this autumn with corporations wanting him to speak about leadership and what makes our setup tick . Dead right too