Football All Stars




You my friend in hell get the all star for best piss take of a unpopular sports writer.


Thank you, you are too kind. God knows he deserves it.


Dont let his Nanny hear ye callin him a goat, she wouldn’t like that. As for the all stars Cluxton will probably be out trainin tomorra night and wouldn’t bother his bollix watchin them, im sure if he could care less he would and he’d be dead right. Howard should get YPOTY for winnin a league , leinster, and an All-Ireland and playin outstandin in all games but ive a feelin I know where that award is goin, unfortunately, but hope im wrong. Up The Dubs


I thought eoin murchan was at fault for that comer cleaned him out in the air due to height differance.


He waited and waited and eventually lamped it long, as there was no other option. I’m not sure if that was the same as what happened with Beggan in the semi-final, all I can say is that Cluxton on that occasion did not “give it away”, he did all he could do, took the safest possibly option, the optimal option, and Kerry won the ball. Blame the Dublin midfield for not winning it.

But Cluxton did make mistakes this year that were comparable to Beggan’s mistakes. Did Beggan do more brilliant stuff? Now that’s an argument. He had to take the placed kicks, which Cluxton didn’t. He didn’t make many significant saves, Cluxton made at least three huge ones. Perhaps that means they balance out almost even but I’ve no doubt another goaly, from another county, that did what Cluxton did, and was captain of a 4-in-a-row winning team would’ve got it.


Hmm, in previous years I’ve no doubt you and many others would’ve said, “ah the only games that matter for All-Star criteria are in August and September”…


Good call, apart from Walsh I felt Scully had a great year.


Eh, 12 what in 76?
There was always a slot or two given over to players who were brilliant for their team, even if their team didn’t do so well. How does one judge, when two teams do not play equally in the same level and quantity of games through the year? This is why Nat League should be included because whatever about fitness and intensity, you can’t argue with ability…

I think Rock was possibly the most unfortunate.


When they allowed the players to vote it just became a popularity contest . It skewed any balance or correct selections going forward .


Pretty sure the players only vote for the player of the year awards.
The All-Stars are selected by a panel of Journalists as far as I know!


I think you are correct. Which is why Whealos remarks, for me, have some merit in them regarding Cluxton and the media. The All Ireland winning captain since 2013 and he hasn’t given any of them boys a minute. It must annoy them. There is only so many times they can call their go to man Aido for Vox pop.


You are correct !
Which makes it all the worse . But , again I’d say the players aren’t bothered .


Hard to say, he wasn’t that effective in the championship. Not enough scores.


Put the bitterness aside lads, as a Donegal man and not a fan of Cavanagh at all, he had a superb end to the year.

He was awful to start-half fit vs Monaghan, diabolical vs Meath and much his fault the game went to extra time. Took the game by the scruff of the neck vs Donegal and drove Tyrone through. Big performances at big times vs Donegal and Monaghan.


Cavanagh is nothing to do with bitter. He is given an armchair role in a blanket defence. It’s very easy to look good when you have a free role. He has no impact when he plays us because he is a very limited player who was always peripheral when Tyrone had a decent team. 2 All Stars in a row tells you all you need to know about the awards. Full back too …, :roll_eyes:


And yet you think Cluxton not getting it was ok? He did better in his position than Cavanagh did in, whatever his position was, compared to a couple of others.
Still waiting a reply to my answer to your post above too…


Rock had only scored maybe 1-9 from play over the whole championship, no chance he should of been brought into consideration for an all-star


3 fantastic points from play in the Final Another who was ridiculously overlooked.


and nobody is saying he didn’t fully deserve them in the other years but this year there was a keeper slightly ahead of him.