Football All Stars




In training? The All Stars are a joke.


Agree 2017 was his best year. Made big save against Jason Doherty in AI final and Daniel Flynn in Leinster Final. Only let 6 goals in 14 games keeping 9 clean sheets that year. His penalty save more than made up for mistake in Galway this year as their heads went down after that. Canโ€™t begrudge Beggan as he had a good year too.


Why would you presume that Hopper unless you were becoming hysterical?


Cluxton still head of his fellow Dub Panelists in terms of All Stars won despite being overlooked many times

Cluxton 5
Flynn, B Brogan 4
Cian O S, Kilkenny, Fenton, Jack mc, James Mc 3
Cooper, Mannion, Rock, Philly, McCauley 2
Howard, Con, Mick Fitz, 1


The Cluxton/Beggan choice was always going to be 50/50 I believe. I feel Cluxton should have received it but have no issues with Beggan getting one. I thought his brain fart in the AI Semi would have pushed it Cluxtonโ€™s way but, as Whelo stated earlier, his relationship (or lack thereof) with the media could have something to do with his constant omission.

Did Ryan McHugh really do enough to deserve a place this year though? Shane Walsh & Scully for me would be there ahead of him. And no Ban Gallagher in that defence is ridiculous after the season he just had.


Hereโ€™s an All Star trivia question: Who is the only player to have received one without having started in a senior championship game, everโ€ฆ


Ah, I forgot that I had Ryan Wylie in my team too. Yes, very hard done by.

Itโ€™s a funny thing, as Iโ€™d have Karl Oโ€™Connell down as generally Monaghanโ€™s best player outside of McManus over the past couple of years but, simultaneously, heโ€™s lucky to be in the All Stars this year (although he was very good again).


Fenton and mannion (Hurling) are apparantly the poty winners. Someone must have let it slipโ€ฆ


On balance the right goalkeeper got it this year. Doesnโ€™t make it right in other years though. Cluxtons kickouts in earlier rounds when he was fit were suspect at times and he was at fault for 2 goals in the championship. Granted he was on the money for the final but that cannot be the only game it is based on.
His legacy will be remembered as the keeper that made it popular to play in that position and become akin to a quarterback directing plays but we cannot overlook the fact that Beggan probably shaded it this year.


John Oโ€™Driscoll from Cork, is it


Goalkeepers mistakes are usually hugely costly, Cluxton made two that resulted in goals, but they were goalkeeping mistakes, what Beggan did in the semi wasnt a mistake it was a complete fuโ€ฆ up, first of all he was where he shouldnt have been, secondly he took an option that was probably the worst possible one and lastly he made a balls of it. IMO that was far worse than getting a high ball wrong, where it could be argued that other defenders were partly to blame and in the Galway case he was challenging an expert in that kind of situation. Begganโ€™s mistake was all of his own making.


I thought comer from galway was unlucky. Certainly would have him in ahead of McHugh


So he didnโ€™t deserve an outfield all star but donโ€™t remember him costing any goals during the year? I just donโ€™t get the outrage at what is a really a 50/50 coin flip


I would say as a goalkeeper he cost his team the chance of a replay as most outfield players would not have done what he did, so to an extent it was a goalkeeping error . Also I think its unfair to blame cluxton totally for the 2 goals, there were others at fault too I am not saying it was not a flip of coin decision, but when the coin has flipped the same direction over the last few years it makes you wonder.


Have to say bigp dunno, really doesnโ€™t make me wonder, I think itโ€™s fairly reasonable.

If I was an all star selector and it was close to 50/50 and my choice was between a lad with 5 all stars and 6 all Ireland medals (and counting) and a lad with no all star from a tiny county who are punching above their weight, I and most people would go for the underdog. Especially in a year where both made high profile mistakes.

Of course, If they were any other line of the field Iโ€™m pretty sure both would have got one.

Now, back to Colm Cavanagh. Amazing how he starts winning all stars when he doesnโ€™t have to mark anyone.


Fair enough if it is 50/50 but not sure they all were. A lot been made out the two goals we conceded, but Beggan wasnt exactly dominate in his efforts to stop Cliffords goal or the goal against tyrone in the uster champo, just kinda stood there


The issue is more how can every coin flip land on tails. Once fair enough twice ok, 5 times in a row indicates the process is corrupted


What do you mean by corrupted Hopper?


Clucko is the GOAT. Each one of his 6 Celtic crosses worth more than all of his 5 All Stars. I can understand how he might have lost this year, but no win since 2013 in spite of leading his county to 4 in a row. That stinks and smells of culchie begrudery. Anyway more incentive to go on and do the 5 in a row.