Football All Stars


They asked him on board for the 2017 season to see if he could do something to combat Dermo’s influence. Unfortunately, he succeeded hugely …


Cluxton can’t even get nominated for a Blue Star so why should he get an All-Star?



Two captains - an All Black and an All Star … oooops - no sorry!

ps Who’s jacket did Clucko borrow?


They were first and foremost the best in their position during this period much like Cluxton has been. The difference is they were rewarded with 3/4 allstars Cluxton wasnt.


Completely agree .


Heffo refused to pick Spillane for the matches against Australia as he, quite rightly, believed that Pat was windy. Pat never forgave him.


If only he told Heffo how many All Stars he had. He would have deffo reconsidered. :smile:


since they gave cavanagh an out of position award, coud they not do the same with cluxton?

then again, that opens the floodgates for even more madness, stick an aul forward in there as goalkeeper.


Why are you sending that to me?


sorry! thought your previous post was a reply to mine regarding Jacko and Sheehy.


I always thing you have made it when people claim to know your mind. How many times have we read ‘Cody would never do x’ or ‘Gavin will always insist on y’. If people know what they are going to do, I often think why don’t they just do it and become equally successful!


There is an easy way out of all of this. Just do what the wife tells you.


Even that’s a minefield.

“Just fire away and go on the tear with the lads in Amsterdam” isn’t the permission I was looking for. :disappointed::sob:

Something to do with tone of voice or something…


Subtext (delivered in inaudible manner): if you want your life to be miserable for the following six months


Whats wrong with the direct approach?

“You’re not getting on that plane with those gobshites to hoover coke up your nose and chase skanky hookers”

Message received loud and clear, dear…as you check-in for your flight on the phone under the table.


Sometimes it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!


… while you are getting the stitches in


Or you could just do a Kobe Bryant jobbie on it.

Fine by me. :wink: