Football All Stars


Ok fair enough, but there are a lot of folk that just kind of state these things as if they were a given, although it sounded that way wasn`t having a go, just highlighting that at times we tend to read too much into what we think the lads might think.


Nay bother ! Stephen is very thick skinned at this stage. This sort of thing wouldn’t phase him .


in 20 years time when a roll call is done off this decade and books are written. It will say Stephen Cluxton the greatest keeps of all time and captain of Dublin {insert number here} in a row. Thats all that anyone needs to know.


And in 20 years time the ALL star selection will look even more bizzare. Can you imagine Jack o shea or sheeny not getting an all star between 78-81.Its that Bizzare.


Quick quiz question - not sure many will get this. What Gaelic footballer has won the most All Stars?


Did King Henry play football with Ballyhale??


Pat Spillane?


Or Tommy Walsh, most with Kilkenny but a couple with Kerry!


Can’t believe @Rochey got it that quickly. It’s not something you hear about very often.


Hold on you have a mate that is a member of Parnells and you admitted that,must have been a moment of weakness


Renders the rest of the story the same as your username!


Ah yeah, I’m a keen observer of the KOTF!


hes infected from taking his holliers down there.


Those were attacking players who often went through whole championship seasons year after year racking up scores and big catches around the middle and rampaging up the pitch creating scores. It would have been very difficult and more controversial to avoid giving them All Stars etc.


Yeah, it’s been over a week since Pat Spillane reminded us how many he has. :roll_eyes:


How many does he have actually?


Just the mere 9.


Imagine what he would have achieved if he didn’t have that gammy knee!!!


Wish someone had told us sooner


he said a few weeks ago he’d love to be involved with the Kerry set up , I wonder was he ever asked