Football All Stars


And Cluxton … :smirk:


That is one sarky , snide dickhead.


Ah I was only messing.


Well we know how that one goes


cant wait till next year to be the first team ever to get 15 all stars and both POTY awards …:hushed:


And how do you think we’ll do in the football?


Oh we’ll take the same aswell


1990-1995, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2012


well there ye are, another record Kerry have I never knew about, God bless them


Im sure he could care less

runs away


Yes it is. The best player in the position doesn’t always win the All Star. There have been a few players who should probably have got All Stars for most years they played (Seamus Moynihan, Conor McManus, Stephen O Neil etc.), guys who were just the best in their position by a distance when they played. But every so often another player has a once off very good year and takes it. That doesn’t mean the other guy isn’t the best.

But the issue in the Cluxton case is that you have probably the best team of all time and their most influential player is not getting the All Star during this period of dominance. And this in a period where he has been practically faultless while still taking on the responsibility of finding the most beneficial kick out - rather then the easy one all the time. Teams are aware of Beggan’s kick outs, and Clarks. But they aren’t planning their whole game plan around countering them, like they do with Cluxtons.

The selectors are not factoring in two things when they make this selection - 1. The performance when the game is tight and kick outs critical. Both Beggan and Clarke had big issues in this regard and both could have been said to have lost their team important games. 2. The ability to create scores and opportunities from kick outs. All three keepers can find a free man at distance, but Clarke and Beggan take an age to get the ball to the guy, so he hasn’t a whole lot of options when he gets it.


It’s been a sympathy vote the last couple of years .It’s the only explanation . For every pundit or journo who is praising Cluxton , you’ll probably find just as many who have little time for him because of his distain for the media which was highlighted in the past . Also , some people do actually get bored with greatness & what Stephen does , which is exceptional, has just become the norm for him.So when a new flavour of the month arrives on the scene , they get more exposure. Clarke got it for his shot stopping, Beggan got it for kickouts & frees from distance .
And it’s actually at the stage now where the journos revel in the controversy that these award selections generate , you almost imagine it gives them something to fill the column pages with , shocker …


I don’t think the reason is so nefarious. I think they are just over thinking it. It’s more an attempt to show their supposed intellectual capability then anything else. Basically they are saying that the world and it’s mother thinks Cluxton is the best, but we know better. But I suspect it is just a case that they don’t know what they don’t know.


I have no idea what nefarious means but I do agree with everything WiFi is saying.


Yes , and that is why I was referring to them been controversial. They chose Beggen , and aload of metrics popped up afterwards comparing himself & Cluxton which deemed they were correct . Looking for any angle not to give it to Stephen to prove how clever & astute they were . Anyway , I said previously he probably doesn’t care one bit about it .


Remember Cluxton had a good dig at media during his(annual) acceptance speech this year. Which points to 2 possibilities (a) all star goalkeeper selection may have been influenced by his speech and (b) Cluxton doesnt give B****x about all stars. He probably prefers not attending.


I mentioned this a couple of years ago , I think it was the '11 All Ireland rte radio commentary . Tommy Carr was on the panel & he talked about a conversation himself & Stephen had . Cluxton asked him what did they need to do to win an AI when Carr was manager .Now , we all know the effort he puts in so an All Star is not something he’s even remotely concerned about . It’s the team collective that’s most important. And lifting the AI as captain is the greatest honour . It’s us fans that are miffed about these decisions , first world problems…


I wonder how he feels about the Blue Stars?


I don’t get this " Cluxton does not care …" thing, I mean has he said he doesn’t care? I am not saying he does or he doesn’t , but some folk just kind of put words into his mouth as if it was a given that he does not care, for all we know it might really piss him off that he has been overlooked for the last few years…


My mate is a member of Parnells , knows him personally. From what he has told me about him , it doesn’t bother him in the slightest.