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What a bullshit self serving article from one of the most renowned anti Dub journalists out there. I don’t think he’s even on the selection committee.

Some of these guys are so far up their own arses. Great the way he only highlights 2015 as a year Cluxton should not have won it but ignores the next two - especially 2017.


Having such an ego may not make him particularly endearing but it is a rare moment when the ego itself is justified by the career and the playing ability.


A Open Letter to John Fogarty
Dear John,
Fúck off.


Fogarty is some class of smart cnut. He knows exactly all the right buttons, and knows the old game so well. The classic bitter begrudging Damn Them With Faint Praise game. Oh that Cluxton fella is a grand chap, sure hasn’t he changed the game altogether(the dirty Jackeen scut), sure wouldn’t anyone want him on their team.
Now here’s the rub, it’s the long game but if he doesn’t win any more awards then he still won’t quite make the team of the century or any of those greatest ever lists that pay homage to Kerry and then the rest of the pure footballing gaels that manage to touch on Kerry’s standards now and then. Plus a couple of Dubs just to keep them happy up above there. Not too many mind, never too many!
Shure didn’t they have a great shquad and played a powerful fit team game and all that fancy syshtem and processh shtuff. But the individual players now, well they never quite had the level of greatness of the great pure footballers down the years.
Except for that Brohhhhgan lad now, shure washn’t his mother from Kirry? Fine footballer now, won hish own ball boy, and kicked a grand point off both faate. And shure ishn’t Fenton a Kirry boy as well, grand footballer that he is. Shure that Connolly fellow was very shkillfull in his own way but shure ya couldn’t rely on him now, and did he even win an all shtar air chór air bith hi? He should’ve stuck wit de hurlin’ boy.
Now that O’Sullivan chap, he’s a good footballer now…


A load of Arse is that read


I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.

All-Stars are for the stand-out player during the year, in a specific position. Unless you subscribe to the notion that they should be consolation prizes too, then Cluxton wins.

This does not for one single second begrudge Rory his reward, he had a great year.

But if you have to pick the starting XV in a game who’s outcome decides the fate of your soul, and based on this years performances specifically, then Cluxton starts. Every. Single. Time.


100 %


Does anybody really care what Kerry think about us these days . We don’t need anybody’s respect, we’ve earned it .


It’s a good argument to keep us ticking over.


Based on the whole league and championship season I think Brian Fenton deserved POTY . I found the argument of Clifford over Howard baffling saying Clifford had no help all season. OK so maybe the Kerry forwards weren’t the very top in the country but they are still better than 3/4 of the teams in Ireland. Howard’s consistent poise and calm was so impressive for a player that young. They’ll both be stars no doubt though.


Would they show much of the league stateside? Back in the noughties Setanta showed it over there but not sure who would be showing it now


GAAGo website show every match thats televised in Ireland no matter who the broadcaster is.


Although Cluxton should of probably got Goalkeeper of the year Beggan winning over him seems much more reasonable than Clarke winning it in 2017.


Although Cluxton should have probably

I have decided I am going to correct this every time I see it on this site - don’t worry @Ohm, you are not alone. Ha - Ohm alone … get it??


That is how the Americans phrase it.


I guess


Think CK was hard done by. Top scorer from play in league and championship plus all the other link up stuff he does. Plus he is equally effective at full forward wing forward midfield etc when needed. The one moment this year when we were in a bit of bother was the last 10 mins in omagh and he got on the ball and sorted us out. Nothing against Fenton who is a beast of a player but if CK didnt get it this year cant see him ever getting it.


Fenton has been brilliant for the last three years


Agree. So has CK and a few more besides. Cooper for example.