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Decision making when needed most.
Beggan 0% cluxton 100%


very interesting stats there around contested kickouts … But how did we lose an uncontested kickout ?


straight out of play?


think it is straight forward for the goal keeping position, i want reliability and composure so i will go with cluxton. Both are not great under the high ball , Beggan has some boot on him , but we have rock to be kicking frees.

Howard and Clifford is different, they are different players for starters, i’d play both of them if it was a selection issue , but we are talking about young player of year - There is nothing much in it for me.
Howard , hasn’t put a foot wrong all year even in the biggest games - the level of expectation on him has been minimal to be fair.
Clifford on the other hand has gotten rave reviews - i didn’t think his goal against monaghan was all that - however i don’t think there has been a level of expectation placed on a young players shoulders ever. he didn’t go missing and Kerry would have been a lot poorer without him 4-14 in the super 8’s was a good return.

Howard was an important cog in the Dublin machine , Clifford was driving Kerry.


interesting review of the facts
one fact that is not considered i suppose - how many teams train to put the squeeze on beggans kick outs and how many for cluxtons


A lot of that depends on the actually circumstances, I mean uncontested kick out could be down to the keepers ability to spot a man in space, a contested kick out could be down to the fact that you have an exceptonal fielder of a ball. Errors leading goals is a matter of opinion, I mean Beggan sticking to his line and not contesting a ball in his area could be considered as an error leading to a goal, for example allowing Donaghy knock the ball down to Clifford in the same way as Cluxton coming for it and not winning is considered an error. Don’t know if Monaghan conceded any penos or not, but Cluxton classy peno save is conveniently left out


…at the death of an All-Ireland final when you really need possession?

“On that charge, Mr Cluxton, we find you not guilty”.

I suppose Beggan is not guilty, too - but he has yet to be there, unlike his All-Star predecessor from 2017.


I think Beggan’s placed ball (frees and 45s) kicking is better for Monaghan than Cluxton’s was for Dublin but again we have yet to see how he will do in the most major games on any sort of extensive basis, and possibly we won’t.




Should be the manager/coaches doing that


It should really be the coach driver.


Not in the kingdom :roll_eyes:


Pat Spillane never said that either Cluxton or Howard deserved an all-star this year… He very clearly said that the mighty Kerry had won the incredible 4 in a row and that he himself being such an unbelievable talent had won a staggering total of 9 all star awards.

Anything else he mentioned was only an excuse to get an article published with the above 2 statements…

Egomaniac beyond belief…


Not a Spillane lover meself but which part are you having difficulty with below … huh?

“We have all heard it said that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. Congratulations to the All-Star selectors for coming up with the GAA’s version of a camel. I didn’t think it was possible to screw up the selection this year, but boy they did it in style,” he said.

"Let’s begin with the biggest blunder of all: the decision to pick Rory Beggan ahead of Stephen Cluxton for the goalkeeping position.

"Given Dublin’s utter dominance of Gaelic football and the fact that Cluxton is by far their most influential player, it is truly astonishing that he hasn’t won an All-Star since 2013. I reckon he should have equalled my record haul of nine All-Stars by now.

"Quite simply, Beggan didn’t deserve the award because he made three critical mistakes in Monaghan’s three biggest championship games. They conceded last-gasp goals against Fermanagh and Kerry after he failed to deal with long balls into his zone. Then in the All-Ireland semi-final he had a rush of blood to the head and booted the ball away when Monaghan had a chance of securing an equaliser.

"Granted, Brian Howard played a lot of football in the middle third of the field, but he should have been an automatic pick at wing-forward.


How did you write that so fast


I’m Pat


You must have read the original article even faster😂


I had my tongue firmly in my cheek when writing what I said…I know there were compliments in the article but I just think he’s a one man fan club for himself and turns every opportunity to big himself up…


I’d agree with the bould patsy, and tomas and Whealo, he said more or less everything about Cluxton bar use the word robbed , he wasn’t as vocal about Howard cause the YPOTY went to a kerry man, Im not too sure if there was a ever a year when a kerry man didn’t get an all star, sure that wouldn’t be allowed. But I’d sooner take his word ( on this occasion ) than the muppets that decided who the awards go to, after all im nearly sure he has a couple of all stars and All -Irelands himself.
Fair play to the magnificent 7 on a great achievement