Football All Stars


Cause he is a keeper of the flame. The natural prozac for the culchie media and RTE.


Overall, I’m happy with the all-star selections, beggan and cluxton were both outstanding. Perhaps the few games cluxton missed lost him his all star but doesnt explain him being ignored in previous season. I find it amusing that teams base their gameplan on Cluxtons kickouts and rules in the GAA needed to be altered to combat his effect on the game, yet he is not the best? Suspect decision. Clifford was picked on reputation, he had a great year but it was cut short, Howard did the business when it mattered and kept all-stars on the bench. Just sayin!

I’d have given Comer an all-star ahead of Burke. He had a great influence on Galways performances. Hard to complain about the footballer of the year and the only reason a Dub got it was because there was no other option.

These Dublin lads are legends of the game but the saga continues, roll on 2019!


I thought Aido was unlucky to miss out in the full back line. Especially given that he has actually played there.


I can’t explain something if I don’t believe it.


If howard had been given it, would you have felt it was deserved?




I’d have given it to Walsh over Burke if a different Galway forward was to get it. Personally I thought Comer was a bit overrated, and when it came to the Super 8 stage he didn’t live up to his early season hype.


…and not even wearing skinny jeans from the Maison De Paul autumn collection which this year is titled The Fall and Fall With Hound.


But the repeated failure over five consecutive seasons to NOT reward Cluxton with an All-Star (he was a key part of a team that won eight national titles in those five seasons) can only be down to one thing, and one thing only.

Hong Kong Phooey?


I think the reality is that you simply cannot compare players that play in different teams as the conditions are totally different, so too are the amount of games played. I would suggest that first of all they state that a player must have played X amount of games to be considered, if necessary the league could be taken into account also and then two or three judges attend each game and rate the players one to ten the lads with the highest average get that awards regardless of their position. Not ideal I agree, but the current system is mad and I am not saying that in relation to Cluxton and Howard, because at least those decisions are arguable.


Easy enough to settle this debate.

Imagine you have Cluxton and Beggan on your team. Who starts, and who’s on the bench? Ditto Howard/Clifford.

Debate over.


Eh no it’s not. I’ve seen this argument several times the last few days and it makes no sense. This isn’t a “Who would make an Ireland XV” award, it’s the best in 2018 awards.


Agreed totally, and whilst I would personally take Clucko over Beggan, I would be in a right quandary trying to pick between Howard and Clifford - both exceptional young talents, destined for greatness.


If you were to pick a keeper on form it would be steven this year and last its as simple as that.


Jaden, rather than ending the debate, that has nothing to do with the debate.


You would. Seems like a lot of others would not.

I also found it quite remarkable that you think his name is Steven.


Remarkable indeed.Id take the opinion of 2 guys with 14 senior AI medals between them over a bunch of journos.


Who are you talking about? What’s your opinion?


Im saying if I was to asked which opinion I would trust to decide who deserved goal keeping allstar, Pat Spillane and Tomas ose or a bunch of Journos I would go with the 2 kerrymen .My opinion is, on balance for me Cluxton was top keeper this year and last. Although you can argue for and against both him and Beggan when the chips were down Stephen did his thing Rory by his own admission let his side down.


Is one of them Bart?