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this thread is headed Football All Stars, and this is where opinions are expressed and fans entitled to moan or give out. What do ye want us to talk about, fuckin oxo cubes, People goin on about Cluxton Made this mistake And that dodgy kick out, for ■■■■ sake tell me any other keeper or player that dosent make a mistake or cost his team a game. Cluxton was fuckin robbed and so was Howard. Thanks be to Jaysus cluxton dosent give a fiddlers bollix about All Stars, he knows whats important. Never in the history of the game has one man had the influence that Cluxton has had. There’ll probably be a new rule book out next year on how to combat Cluxton, but it wont make any difference to him cause he’ll still be the best of all time , so there :stuck_out_tongue:



Even when he’s having a pop at the All Stars selection, Spillane can’t help himself reminding us about his haul …"he should have equalled my record haul of nine All-Stars"




Yep best of all time should have won an all star last year and 2014 but I thought beggan would won it this year and he got it but as I said it’s all opinions just like the Clifford Howard debate the all stars should be picked 1 to 15 in the positions players played in thst would rule out at least 5 of this year’s team so imo it’s not worth worrying about


Suppose the problem is lads switch positions continously now, Cavanagh was very blatant, but James Mc probably played more at midfield than at centre half back.Howard more of the same. Maybe they should name the best 15 and not give positions.


I think that was the point of the entire article really. Pat was nt concerned about Cluxton at all methinks.


Delighted to see Fenton get his POTY, the hype all year seemed to push towards Kilkenny getting it but right decision.

Clifford was the best player during the super 8 games-the award is for performances, not for winning trophies, just a small consolation for a player that is destined for the top.


In fairness Howard was one of the best players in both the All Ireland semi final and final, regardless of whether the team won trophies or not, but he certainly made a major contribution towards winning the trophy in the two most important games of the year.


I would have Dermot o Neill as my Bohs keeper from those days


On the Clifford/Howard YPOTY debate, I keep going back to who each of them managed to keep out of their respective teams in the position they play. Clifford is a brilliant young footballer, and could go on to be one of the all time greats. But I honestly don’t believe he was pushed for his starting spot the season just gone.

On the contrary, Howard managed to keep the likes of Flynn, Kev Mac, O’Gara, Costello etc out of the team with his performances. The amount of AI medals that small snippet of talent alone in mind boggling and for Howard to come in and have such an impact on the team is unbelievable considering his age.


That’s OK, Fenton will be the first Footballer to make double digits in all stars, oohhhhh, in about 6 years…


Right so, in that case consistently great performances in the national league and provincial championship could win you an All Star?


I think this is of no relevance tbh.


Neither Cluxton nor Howard were robbed.


… only Donaghy…
of a medal…
in 2011.


By some Dublin fucker who is walking around Dublin with it in his back pocket.


In all seriousness…

There were definite arguments for both Clifford and Beggan to get their respective awards this year. I won’t begrudge either. However, as I have already stated, I feel that some of why Clifford got his award (Young Player) was due to his reputation as an outstanding Kerry minor. Yes, he had a brilliant year but so did Howard. And Howard was an integral part of his county winning SFC honours at provincial level (as did Clifford) and then National League and All-Ireland medals, something Clifford didn’t achieve. There was an argument for both. I’d have gone for Howard, but won’t begrudge Clifford.
On the Cluxton “was he robbed?” debate? The evidence of this year alone would suggest no. He had a very good year including holding his nerve at crucial moments throughout the year and making amends for a lot of his mistakes. Beggan had a great year also. Better than Cluxton? Equal to Cluxton? A bit short of Cluxton? We could debate this all year and still have different views. If Cuxton had won one or two more All-Stars since 2013, then we would probably be only debating who was better this year, and this year alone. But the repeated failure over five consecutive seasons to NOT reward Cluxton with an All-Star (he was a key part of a team that won eight national titles in those five seasons) can only be down to one thing, and one thing only.




Maybe, but perhaps you can explain to me how Clifford received the award over Howard when it seems Howard had a much better season? And this is taking the whole league & championship campaign into account mind.