Football All Stars




You can’t mark a guy down because he’s in a great team! On that basis how would the players on that team win hardly any individual awards?
You could equally argue that a top player will stand out more in a weaker team, and gets more chance to shine. And that a young player in a great team will appear a weaker link when compared so many great players.
For me the bottom line is Clifford didn’t have to do it in an All Ire semi or final, against either of the top two teams. How many times do we hear people saying, “it’s performances in August and September” that really matter for awards?
If there was no outstanding young player who played very well in the semi and/or final then Clifford would be the right choice. But there clearly was, so he isn’t.


Nothing whatsoever to do with numbers of awards or any of that, its about the right decision for an individual.


He’s already been coronated as The National Saviour of Gaelic Football. He’s taken over from Aido and will henceforth wear a kilt and a wrap and hold a shield and sword enscribed with Cú Chulainn agus Na Ríochtaí. Designed by Galvin Klein of course.


Cluxton won most of his All Stars before Dublin started winning All Irelands.


Thought you was Cluain Tarbh? :yum: Just messin, truly great achievement and as a Ráth Éanna man myself I always had a special pride in Hickey and Whelo, even in the days when our cousins Vinnies invaded our patch.

So these days with the two lads are like some sort of wild dream.


Jaysus those eyes. That clown Kimmage will be writing about him next!


He’s not a Dublin player so wouldn’t be so sure about that. Like our Pug pal he’s selective over what he says…


Nothing against Clifford, but I really think the goal against Monaghan was blown out of all proportion, I understand how important it was and the minute it was scored, but the score itself was nothing special and really should have been blocked, if I remember correctly it got or at least was nominated for the Sunday game goal of the year, I mean he had no choice but to go for goal and hope for the best.


Pat saying we should have gotten nine

Criticises some of the other selections too such as Cavanagh


Do the outraged feel better now that Spillane has patted you on the head?


That was my question earlier in the thread, when did Cavanagh play fullback?
All Stars have lost all credibility, picking lads for the sake of it. Cavanagh decision was worse than not picking Cluxton. And the effect? How many backs have lost out on an All Star because of it.


Clerkin said more or less the same as regards Beggan being partly at fault for three late goals.


Rory Beggan missed a free for Scotstown. Just saying.


Scored one from play too!


Joe had a go too … poor Rory …


Jesus lads you are good at spinning a story! That’s one tweet!


Not sure if it has been mentioned but I’d say that Cluxton referencing the money issue in his speech in Croker upset a few so-called journalists who like to milk that particular cow dry.


Only winding. So is Joe I’d say. Let Rory enjoy the gong!


You shouldn’t, but you can bet people do.

I’m not saying it is right (I also feel Howard should have gotten it) I’m just saying that is how people think.