Football All Stars


Cora maybe. Hard to see beyond that. :wink:


Massive achievement for our club for the two lads to pick up All Stars and even more so for Fento picking up POTY. I’m delighted for both lads.

Two brilliant lads on and off the pitch and great role models for young and old but you can say that for every single one of the Dublin panel.


Don’t now how ye do it, but Raheny sure have brought up some of the best fielders in football over the years, well done.


Oh imagine having a whealo in his prime with these two lads.



The Kilkenny keeper ffs!


This is tinfoil hat stuff. “Bullying.” Get a bit of perspective please.


Perspective. He has changed the face of Gaelic football and rewritten the role of goalkeeper. His kickouts are so good that they have had to change the rules to curb his influence. His stats are generally peerless. He usually lets in less goals than anyone else. He has captained Dublin to four All Ireland titles in a row and yet has not been selected for an All Star over those four years. I’m quite happy with my tinfoil hat.


Good bit in the star about this today,when Kilkenny won 10 all Ireland’s they got 1 goal keeper all star they have got 2 in the last 3 years so Clucko has done well as in mcGarry has 6 all Ireland’s and no all star


All fair enough. But talk of bullying and boycott is odd IMO.


Role models for not just all in Raheny and Dublin, but nationwide, in my opinion.
Clifford was brilliant this year, no doubt about it. But was Howard any less impressive? I doubt it. A vital cog in a team that won NFL, Leinster and All-Ireland football titles. I can’t help feeling that part of why Clifford won was because of his undoubted and unprecedented reputation as a minor.


I think if you took Clifford out of the 2018 Kerry, they would have been less than mediocre. In fact, they probably would have lost all their super8 games. Good players playing with good players make each other look even better.


Think even though Kerry may not be at the standard we come to expect of them, they still are one if the top teams in the country. It is not as if Clifford was playing with Kilkenny.


Football is all about opinions arguments can be made for a number of players from different counties who should have got awards this is going on for as long as I remember no point in bitching about what awards weren’t given 7 all stars and poty is enough imo too much whingeing going on here


Debating whether a player should or should not get an award is not whinging, I think everyone accepted both were going be close calls. In my case the coin would have flipped towards our lads and I tried to back that up, but in no way do I begrudge or feel the two winners were undeserving


We had Howard around to the school with Sam this year and he was an absolute fantastic ambassador for the GAA. He was great with the kids and they absolutely loved him. An absolutely fantastic footballer too.


To be fair to iomaint he is nt into the tinfoil hat conspiracies . He s just mad as hell and is nt going to take it anymore.




I’ll leave it at that so!!