They don’t do them any more as far as I know, a lot of teams with access to all weather pitches.



All weather is such a misnomer. Sure the pitch holds up but the games are often a joke. Nothing ruins the playability of a game of gaelic football more than severe winds. When accompanied by the usual driving rain and sleet that accompanies it, the craic element of playing disappears completely. You’d spend more time after the game trying to locate your nuts and knob having recessed inside your body with the cold, than you would have spent actually on the ball acorss the entire game itself (particularly if you’re in the full forward or full back lines).

I’d sooner cancel a game in terrible conditions than play on merely because the playing pitch will stand up while Sídhe gusts up hurricane-force gales of wind blowing circularly and in opposing directions at the same time for 60 minutes.

We’re not professionals (at least in the lower Junior ranks :wink: ) - enjoyment of the game is a necessary part of keeping lads keen!


I believe the GAA handbook now includes a section on how to locate your nuts after playing in the wind and rain :joy:


Has anyone got a link to the fixture master plan for this season, cant seem to find it anywhere