Fitzgibbon 2018


All the Dublin lads done well great team performance,Great finish to the match Conor Ryan with great sideline cut for a point followed by a 25 yard free for UCD that nearly resulted in a goal from the 65 another goal chance before the ref blew the final whistle.
Worth noting the manager and coaching staff are dubs.


Be up against it next week against DCU but I can imagine it will be a full blooded affair, good to see one Dublin college will be in the final. Is the game Tuesday night in Parnell ?


Very strong Westmeath contingent on that DIT team also I see. Dublin and Westmeath could make up 11 or 12 of the team depending on who is picked.


Westmeath have had a few good underage teams recently so comes As no surprise they’re well represented. Good to see all the same.


Injured hamstring problem




Congrats, Liam, it’s times like these that all the hard work was worth it. I was out in UCD last night I’m delighted for the two lads. There were a couple of cops there to watch the 2 lads, but not to Nick them the match. L.O.L.


The cops loves the bloody hurling so they does. All the time I am in Parnell Park I am seeing cop men sneaking in to watch games when they should be nabbing criminals.


@Rightofway Wasn’t me this time, credit to the lads and all their hard work. Delighted for them.

@DUB09 true, sure I’ve played with a few who loved getting a game in themselves while on the job. See semis down for next tues in the Nell, place will be swarming with them…


Is it gonna be that rough??? :joy:


You know how these students get with a few wine gums on them :sob::sob:


Well there was plenty of cans and bottles on the sideline in St Clares for DCU v Mary’s the other night. Do you think they will search those with student cards on Tuesday before entering the Nell?. LOL


I’m hearing Frank and the boys have borrowed a few screening machines from the airport …


DCU of to a flyer 1-02 to DIT 0-03


Donal Burke with the goal

1-4 to 4 now


Pity it’s the two dub teams playing each other


1-7 to 7 at half time.


Any update


2-13 to 8 after about 12 mins into the 2nd half