Fitzgibbon 2018


Two years ago. Because I actually saw a genuine copy of it. And it was ludicrous. And if another county was doing the same thing I would say the same thing. Including Dublin. But I haven’t seen Dublin’s schedule. Seems I’ve already made that point a couple of times but some people obviously need it explained to them in bite sized pieces.

And whatever you do don’t address the actual issue that I, and others, originally were addressing.


Jayzus lads give it a rest. I doubt Alan is involved with Pats plans.
In fairness, early morning gym sessions aside, Gilroy hasn’t had players in freezing cold dressing rooms at 530 in the morning around Christmas time slapping each other to harden up ( should I rephrase / reword that last bit :flushed: )


Amazing the blind eye that’s turned for some managers versus others.
Dublin hurlers training regime over December was scandalous. Cunningham or Fitzgerald would’ve lynched if they were in charge but Gilroy gets a pass.


Well tell us about it and see what response you get. You seem to know what went on.I’m not going to have a go until I have some evidence.

And personally I never said a word about Cunningham’s training regime because I knew nothing about that either. It was everything else I had an issue with with him :slight_smile:


There is wild turkey to be had in cracklow woods

Davy would get you one



This should be good. Looking forward to it



Who’s winning?


HOn the dubs!


Sorry for no updates… phone died with the cold :grimacing:. Tight game, but a good win. Cody was even there… big enough crowd too. Huge for DCU as that’s the furthest they have got in this to date. Great for Paul OBrien after all the work he has put into it.



It’s great for all the dubs involved. A bit like cualas run, it’s provably not helping gilroy in the short term but will be a positive in the medium term.

Notice daire grey selected at midfield, seen him selected at just about every line now at some point or other. Very versatile player by the looks of it.


Lacks a bit of pace, but a great paw, great striker of the ball, great reader of the game. Potential wing forward for me…


Paul Kelly on the bench is he injured


@Wifi will be glad to see McBride play


We need a few able to fetch a puck out


Great win for DCU. Well done to all involved. They are certainly ‘attracting’ more hurlers of late.


DIT have any chance v UCD today?


Hearing UCD have no Dublin players on the team is that normal