Fitzgibbon 2018



DCU have Mary I at home in the quarters. Should be a good game of hurling. Not sure when its fixed for


Did someone say in 2 week? Any sign of the DCU team from last night?


I see Seanie McClelland named at 27. Anyone know if he is injured or just back from injury?


Great to see Luke Kelly alive and well at wing back too! Great singer in his time.


Mary I are not fully through yet as they have to beat NUIG if reports are right today in paper.


Derek Mc Nicholas must be up there as the oldest student in the country. Like Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School. Fine hurler though, Mc Nicholas that is


Took the mantle from Jim McGuinness …


Glad he’s a Dub, too.


I wonder does he remember Dublin in the rare auld times …


Does great version of “Streets of New York”…


Is there not a conflict of interests for the likes of Davey Fitz

He is getting paid by 2 teams and can influence the results of matches by the way he flogs one of his teams etc

Also i doubt Wexford are too happy he is putting their players bodies in jeopardy by flogging them

I really cant wait to see the back of that twerp


I think the argument was in relation to DCU lads out training with Wexford, and that Davey did it on purpose to get an edge on last nights game.


Even still . He flogs lads on his own county team to get an edge for his college team .

Its bonkers


It’s completely insane. And quite possibly dangerous.


Need to qualify that with an IF. If it is true he did that then it’s very poor form. I wouldn’t take internet whispers as gospel.


Come on now Alan, you can’t on the one hand get stuck into Davy based on a rumour of his training schedule and then plead ignorant of Gilroys regime and refuse to comment.
I’ve no doubt, given you seem to be fairly close to the Dublin GAA scene (and the fact you’re a member of Vincent’s), you have a very good idea of the hurlers training volume since the start of December.

I think if the manager wasn’t your club mate you’d be far more vocal with your views.


Absolutely haven’t a clue of the Dublin hurlers schedule. Pat doesn’t ring me to get my approval. I’d imagine it’s mostly as mad as the rest of them. My issue with Davy is not the training regime. That’s standard now. It’s the fact that he is totally conflicted in this situation and is bang out of order. And the fact that his behavior is absolutely outrageous.

Inter county training, as noted before, is out of control. All are guilty. The GAA as a whole needs to get to grips with it. But that’s not what my original post was about.


Fitzgerald brings the GAA into disrepute with his behaviour. End of.


So you didn’t lambast Davy over his pre-season training schedule last season? I must look back over the threads, because I smell bullshit!