Favourite phone photos


Jaysus that’s dark and grim. Tinted windows on the bus?


No. Just a shite day.

Lovely spot for a wander in the summer though, if you’re into that kind of thing.


Very spooky. Those JJK bus drivers are very accommodating to wait while you took all those. The daffs look surreal.
There’s a great ruin down somewhere outside Clonakilty, called Castlefreke. And not far from Galley Head lighthouse, which is really worth a visit. Accommodation there too in the lightkeepers’ house


Yeah. Been to Castlefreake alright. (The 409x Express to Uhlingfuud got lost & took a bit of a mad detour a few years back.) Great spot. Very Dickensian. There’s plans afoot to renovate it, no?


Think that’s always talked of but probably set back again by the Castle Frank debacle


You sure they were crows and not dragons? Looks like a scene from Game of Thrones :wink:

Great pics PD