Favourite phone photos


Hapenny Bridge for me, all day.


That’s the most ironic landmark


Wasn’t there a movement afoot a few years ago to tear them down? Eyesore, blight on the skyline, pointless now they are not longer in use…blah blah blah…

Probably thunk up by the same gobshytes who thought that putting an “Up The Dubs” banner on the Hapenny Bridge for a whopping one weekend a year was a bad idea.


It’s great that you can go into them now and go up for the great view


There was great print advert from boi around 2005/6 ask not what your county can do for you… And had two painters walking away from the poolbeg chimneys after painting them blue and navy. Nicely done.


According to a very prominent politician’s twitter bio he saved them.


Oh yeah. Forgot about him.



Ha nice one! :+1:


That’s brilliant.

I’ve a photo (on an old phone) of the Daniel O’Connell monument in Glasnevin Cemetery, with a Dubs flag waving proudly from the top. Took it the day before the 2013 semi v Kerry. Made me laugh considering the origins of the man who is buried at the foot of it.

You can barely make out the flag though, as it’s up so high. It was an overcast day too, so the grey sky doesn’t provide much of a back drop. Pity…coz with the right camera or weather, it could have made a fabulous picture.


Ferris bueller your my hero. Great stuff!


Peach trees in bloom in Lleida, Catalonia


Evening stroll…


2018 - As the Stones were Rolling on Hill 16


Have something similar on my phone


You win!


Took this 2 weeks ago down in Carlow. There’s something v bleak about the Irish midlands in winter imo. Bare fields & the turrets of a burnt out Anglo Irish big house outlined against the grey sky. Loads of crows circling over head too. V atmospheric.


Where in Carlow is that PD?


Ducketts Grove. About 20 mins from Carlow town.


Have to take a drive down there.
Chiseler would love it.