Favourite phone photos


I’d have chosen them all.


Jesus. How do you decide which one to pick?


Fukcni puppy farm bollox!!!


Because you always want to dispose of your syringe ethically & responsibly, after enjoying your egg nog latte at the Fisherman’s Wharf Starbucks. :worried:


I hoped you picked the guy af the back cos he didn’t want to be picked. Springer spaniels - yah? approx how much?


Was that an attempt at sarcasm!!!


4 dogs and 3 bitchs, we had a choice of 3 as the dogs all had homes. Front middle looking st camera is ours.


Front middle, my cousins bitch had a litter before she was old enough to register with KC. So no cost.


Thread here for general chit chat about dogs !

First post was about licences but always looking for helpful advice too !


Croke park are doing a 'skyline at dusk tour ’ .Did it 2 days ago .
There was a lad from tipp on the tour who is on a committee to get the GAA to organise a match in croker in 2020 between tipp and ourselves to commerate bloody sunday ,teams will wear replica jerseys of 1920.He was telling me as well the we used to play tipp every year, he played in a cpl of the matches, to commerate it but it stopped when the troubles started in NI.


Great snaps and fantastic idea. Kew the story of bloody Sunday but didn’t know a lot of the details of the young supporters that passed away

Was it 2009 the played they Tyrone under lights in the retro bagy gear


Feckin PC brigade wishy washy namby pamby liberal multicultural twonks! I won’t be allowed say that though…


Bog standard fly using naturally occurring condensation in the air to stay hydrated.

Not taken by me. (Unfortunately.) Just had to share it.


Galapagos Islands.


D’ye need a lift back?


It’s grand thanks, they work in pairs!


Be nice to see this resurrected with some pre-match, match and post-match snaps from Yerraland!


Páirc Uí Caoimh looking in great nick anyway.


The stink in Rotorua is the same as the stink from Kerry’s yerra brigade. :wink: