Favourite phone photos


Step 2,013.


Our dog Charlie is growing a 'tache for Movember - caught him as he peeped around the corner of the house.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: brilliant @Rufus_T_Firefly!

He looks like something out of a Monty Python sketch!


Great pic… and super clean paving!


Eh, the boss looks after the paving. Got herself a power hose. Its impact is like Agent Orange! :expressionless:


Now if that was my house the fun prevention officer* would tell me I got an early black friday present and go clean the garden.

*Copyright - Harrys_Tiles


Driving up trim road one day and I came across this beaut.


Named after Charlie Redmond? You really like rubbing @upthedall’s nose in it.


Can’t find the picture but I’ve seen a plumber’s van and the company name on the van is “U-benders”.


You think you know a man then this…

A low blow if ever there was one to call a pet the name of an opponent.

Dog even has that cocky city swagger look about it.


Not from phone…but a similar thing.


Bike ride today.

Howth hike yesterday.

How lucky are we Dubs to call this glorious place home? :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:


First pic is class PD.


Both pictures are fantastic, @ProudDub



Pales in comparison to this 'tho.

Brian Fenton at the same spot last summer.

Photo credit to Paul Mannion. :clap:


View from my hotel in India from a recent trip.

4 in Row - Pre-Game Panoramic


Exceptional pics young man. Good eye for a pic obviously!


Love the first one. Is that a lake or an infinity pool?


Great pics folks, buala bos.


Who was watching the Chase tonight ?!