Favourite movie scenes


Manchester by the Sea is excellent . Hard watch for the context of the film but worthwhile none the less .


Definitely, it’s a difficult film to recommend because there’s no real time of the week it suits - Friday with a few beers? A curry and a bottle of wine on Saturday night? Depressed off your nut on a Wednesday?


This is the Godfather 2 scene that always gets me.

The look between Michael & the bodyguard/henchman as Michael hugs Fredo…and yer man looks away, as he knows what has to be done, now that Mama Corleone is finally gone.

So, so, so chilling…


Not my favourite ever scene, but a funny one, nonetheless…

Tomei won a best-supporting actress Oscar for her performance in this film, as far as I can recall.

From the same film… (not the best quality video) but I wonder did the camera focus on a particular person (at 1.07) - with a hint of irony - on the basis of what the DA says a second before?