God Almighty, @Iomaint you really could do with brushing up on some of the Russian chapters of your world history.

And @GuyIncognito is right. This “The Jews” crap is very, very distasteful.


@GuyIncognito - you calling up @iomaint on his ‘rhetoric’ given your long standing and ongoing contribution to the Clump thread is laughable at the very least.


How so ? Trump is a horrible human being but I don’t recall making broad sweeping nasty statements about an entire religion or race of people


Succinctly put.

But as long as a few of them have protested against Netanyahu … game ball.


While I despise what Israel are allowed do to the Palestinians , which is basically funded by America. I feel for ordinary Israelies, but it’s nothing compared to what the Palestinian state has had to endure while Europe and the World has has looked away.
But you are dead right a lot of other countries participating tonight have blood on their hands


Is there such a thing? really? You have compulsory military service which tends to do away with any neutrality … There are not many Israelis sympathetic to Palestine.


That’s a totally different conversation.
I’d expect most Israelies through propaganda, fear , and suicide bombers to be anti Palestinian.
But what the World has allowed happen to the people of Palestine by an Iron Israel Government fist is disgraceful.
I do hope there is protests to highlight the Palestinian plight when Eurovision 2019 comes around.
But PD has a point , what Russia is allowed away with I incredible also.


Aye @Navyseal1 but lets stop the Starsky and Hutch - CHIPs good cop bad cop narrative here. The USA and UK also have as much ‘blood on their hands’ as Russia or anyone else. Let’s stop being naive … or pretending to be …


I always thought both starsky and hutch were both good cops. I ll have to watch them again. Maybe captain Dobie was the bad cop.


Well this certainly went off in a tangent…


I ll recap it for you unbelievable . Starsky and hutch won the Eurovision and want it in Palestine but apparently Glenda Gilson does nt like Jews (I think that’s what’s being said) ah ■■■■ it mayo4sam


Seriously taking the piss if so.
Imagine if it is held there next year, what a shit storm.


They held it around the corner from Sheriff Street in the 90s


Jerusalem has hosted the Eurovision twice already.


Yep, everyone is guilty . Sure we kidnapped St Patrick from the Brits
Think we will stick to the music :wink:


I’ll refer you to a show on Sky Arts yesterday called “The Eighties”… I commented on it in the Good TV thread.


thought it was tel aviv?


what was it that the Israeli meant about being “different”?? Her song was about a woman not being the toy of a guy? Whats special about that. or her? Is she autistic/ADHD/Specturm/LGBT+ ? Is because she is overweight? Most of fucking europe is. Just wondering. Her song, though quirky, wasnt even the most quirky this year. Wonder when the interface between pro singer and realising she was in the isreali navy will occour.

Israel are in it because they are EBU members and all the same things going on today have been issues when they won before but in the mass media age I think the hosting could have an interesting effect.


According to the official site it said Jerusalem both times Israel hosted it.


Millstreet in a barn in the middle of nowhere too.

Very ordinary novelty song wins, as somebody once said, the public gets what the public wants. Austria song was clearly better even allowing for the derivative nature of taste, and a few others were a bit better too but the Me Too narrative found a good fit in this Jewn Rogers-alike barely amusing lady who appears to have the persona of a limited juvenile with a chip on her shoulder.