I miss the days where every country would go through every single vote and we’d be here for weeks
The tension was unbearable. You’d go away, use the jacks, stick the kettle on, put the bins out…and whoever was on when you left, would only be up to “weet” points, when you got back. Ah, dem were de days…


Brits not finishing ahead of us :sunglasses:


Going to be between Austria and Israel


Possibly Israel now


That Falcons missus ?


Called it !

Hallelujah !


Damn them 4x2’s!


Did Austria not get anything off the Televote :confused:


Think Palestine should be invited next year. That would shake it up - might even watch it.


There is sonething radically wrong if the scooby doos win anything- given their mass murder of Palestinians.


She didn’t just say “Next year in Jerusalem” did she? :rofl:


Should be some craic next year with the constant dicking around by the Israelis


Bit uncalled for reference imo. Not all Jewish people support what the Israeli govt are doing to the Palestinians


Oh FFS. It’s a bloody song contest. Not an NATO summit. An honest, hardworking, pink pig tailed performer shouldn’t be prohibited from doing what it takes to make an honest living, based on decisions politicans make.

“Scooby doos” btw? Seriously?


I didn’t watch any of it and am not interested in any way. I would not allow Israel into it as it gives them a veneer of respectability while they engage in mass murder I don’t really care whether you agree with me or not! Not the slightest fcuk do I give.



If you aren’t interested, then why are you even posting here?

If you have that much of a problem with Israel participating, you’ll be in for an awful land when you find out that Russia participate too. Yep, the squeaky clean, whiter than white, Moms apple pie lovin’ Rooskies.


Iomaint is right - it is an abomination that Israel are ‘normalised’ in ways such as this. Sickening tbh


The Jews in Israel butcher Palestinians. The Russians don’t. Those are facts.


The Israeli Govt do that not “The Jews” stop with this horrific nasty Bullshit. There have been protests in the likes Tel Aviv against what the Israeli govt are doing. Rhetoric like yours only plays into the hands of scumbags like Netanyahu