Voted for Estonia in the end


Australia may well have a say too.


Wouldn’t watch it to save me life tbh. Lost any credibility it ever had years and years ago. I can’t understand any appeal to it at all - right up there with a Royal Wedding for me. Mind you ye here probably love a Royal Wedding too …



Royal wedding.



And yet here you are in the Eurovision thread. Obviously holds some interest for you :thinking::grin:


God I must be getting very cynical, I want to kill the incredibly annoying Norway and Israel ‘singers’. Cyprus is a cool tune that will kill it in the clubs all year but it’s nothing special.


Is yer woman in the shiny black guna, Glenda Gillsenan from Xpose? :face_with_monocle:

(And don’t pretend ye don’t know who I’m talking about.)


I think this is very open. Was like a best of Eurovision. I couldn’t choose. Very diverse range of music. Could be in for a shock tonight. Could be any one of 9 or so that I’d be happy with winning.
Thought Israel’s was terrible till the end.
Your wan from Cyprus…:heart_eyes:
Most enjoyable Eurovision I can remember.
When did the automatic big 5 come in? I thought it was top 5 from year before.


Getting a bit of a kick from the posts here alright. Mind blowing.


Always been automatic for the “Big 5” since they brought the semis in. What’s changed it’s that it’s only them and the hosts (Winner of previous year) who qualify automatically. Used to be the top ten from the previous year would qualify automatically up until about 6/7 years ago


It’s been in for a good few years now (apparently!) It’s the 5 countries who pump the most dosh into the competition. Plus the previous year’s winner also qualifies automatically. Or so I’ve been told!


The big 5 (France, Germany, Italy, Royaume Uni and I forget the 5th one, Spain maybe…) provide the bulk of the funding for the Eurovision shindig, so they always get an automatic berth in the final, regardless of how they did the year before.


Will the Brits be feiced out after Brexit?


Daniela :heart_eyes:


Separated at birth?


Similarities for sure Daniela better looking for me though


She’s very familiar. Was she a previous Eurovision entrant, or a in a movie, I deffo know her from somewhere…


About 10 years, maybe more. Time has been flying by so fast I’m losing orientation.
Next big Ev anniversary they should do the final in every country like the Euro Football in 2020, give more people a chance to get to the party. Can you imagine the logistics!
Those Fr Ted song titles are brilliant.


That half time show from the previous winner was brilliant!!!

EDIT: I am a sucker for piano music to be fair!


Still no patch on Riverdance though :clap: