Didn’t like it personally, Denmark was shite too. And now Australia… Baffling.


You Dirty English Bastards

The Hairy Bowsies



It’ll be hard to take anyone on this thread seriously ever again …


Yourself included?


Finland at 50’s? Great value E/W bet there.


I thought the Australian singer had a really good voice, but I’m not sure about the song.

Overall it’s fairly straight laced this year. No mad entries so far.


Just awaiting the bearded lady! Ireland at 3rd last song is a good spot you’d have to think, for those arriving in late etc. Fresh in the mind during the voting also…


Oh come on.

The “it’s a dress and it’s on fire and it’s 15 ft tall” thing is soooooooo 2015.

Surely such an avid Eurovision fashionista as your good self would know that.


You know, I’ve been accused of being some things, some good, some bad, some bloody awful. But this is a first. A new low…


There is perfecly reasonable, weather related issue for her to look the way she did.

Her dress was hit by lightning.

(It was. Seriously.)

'Nowt to be ashamed of, in your knowing that…ahem…


I’m lost. If her dress was hit by lightning, she’d have been seriously injured. Or were you being slightly facetious


Israel with a super song just there. Hot favs so far!


Even with the chicken chorus? :sunglasses: Denmark dark horses for me. We’re up next!


Come on Ryan



Not a brilliant performance, lost his note a few times… The song is a bit weak too. The rainbow appeal will grab him a few votes, so who knows!! Or maybe I’m being too critical as I listened to it very intently unlike the other entries. Here’s the hot fav on now… Cyprus.


Nice pair of pins on the Cypriot


Cyprus? Great song, great voice and eye catching in more ways than one… Far better than our Ryan! Good funk, I’m starting to talk like Louis f***ing Walsh!


Meh song.

Close your eyes and the aural aspect is somewhat lacking, when you don’t have the visual oomph to keep you interested.


I disagree. I think it will win handy… Best overall song on the night for me by a fair distance. Although I have a very questionable taste in music. Or as I like to call it “eclectic”!!! :slight_smile:


I’ll go with Bjork Xtra from Israel…fer the craic like.

Or Estonia. As long as she shaves her shoulders.