Europa League 2018/19


But Milan don’t where red and green?


Milan wear the same colours as Rosmini Gaels.


And you’re not who you claim to be, but we let you away with it!


I think this is my favourite thread on this forum.


As good as last years AFL6 thread? :wink:


Much better , this is a very entertaining thread. Never leave us Ohm , stay here on planet earth.


HT :de: Leipzig 0 :austria: Salzburg 2

Leipzig in absolute tatters defensively. The 2 center halfs Upemacano and Ibrahima Konate not on the same page goal came off a mistake with Munas Dabbur nodding in the rebound for Salzburg after a poor pass by Konate back to his goalie Yvon Mvogo only to come back to the Israeli to score. Hannes Wolf slipping in captain Andreas Ulmer who played across for Amadou Haidara who finished into the net for Salzburg’s 2nd.

FT :de: Leipzig 2 :austria: Salzburg 3

Interesting and dramatic 2nd half.Leipzig making all 3 subs at half time. Salzburg nearly make it 3-0 with Dabbur hitting the post. Another Dabbur effort stopped by Mvogo the Leipzig keeper. Then a bad slip by Andreas Ulmer allowed Konrad Laimer to score for Leipzig into the far corner. Leipzig then started to put the pressure on as Matheus Cunha curled shot was stopped by Walke before Ralf Ragnick side equalized when Slovenian Kevin Kampl crossed for Yussuf Poulsen to head home. It looked like it was headed for a draw until some wonder skill and composure that won it for theAustrian champs. Substitute Zlatko Junuzovic rainblow flicking the ball ahead to Hannes Wolf who side ficked the ball into the pat of another sub in Norwaegian Fredrik Gulbrandsen who finshed well rolling the ball into the bottom right corner of the net. All the Salzburg players and coach Marco Rose went over into the sidelines to celebrate.


Just seen the score Dudelange 0 Milan 1


Higuain robs us. His monthly salary is the same as ours for a full year. At least we have erased the embarrassment of UCD knocking us out three years back. My friend Jean Marc said it was nearly as good as Luxembourg winning the Eurovision.

So proud of these Dudes


Rocking here in Duke’s Irish Bar in Dudelange! Can’t wait for the San Siro. Place lifting with renditions of
Dudelange langa langa Dudelange fang
Dudelange langa langa Dudelange langa fang
We’re in heaven
We’re in heaven


Lux’s finest… :heart_eyes: If it wasn’t for that talentless thief Mr Harrison, why I oughta…!!! :japanese_goblin:


The locals here delighted with the new term coined just for them after a night on the beer … Dude-langered !


If anyone wants a link to the Dudelange v Milan game I can pm you if you want.




I also have it on my phone - or most of it. My battery ran out in the 78th minute and the baldy Dudelanger in front of me jumped a few times so you see his head. Otherwise it’s not bad - though it’s in 23 different parts. But I can PM or post if there is a demand.


POST POST POST … we wait with great interest


You should stay away from those sort of websites, can play havoc with your st®eaming up-load.

Really good win for The Eagles of Eintracht Frankfurt in Marseilles. Attendance was poor for the game though, only about 50 people at it. Must be very expensive to go to European games these days.


Didn’t know where else to post this… it would make Neymar look like a hard man…


What would posses a fella to do this, knowing full well that the world will see it and declare him a total c*^t…??

Any normal person would be completely ashamed and embarrassed to show their face in public after such a pathetic display…


I see Tiernan McCann tweeted him a lovely message in sympathy.