Europa League 2018/19


Can ye not conduct yourselves?


Home in the afternoon yesterday so watched 2 games.

Sparta Prague crash out of Europe yesterday to Spartak Subotica of Serbia. They should of won the 2nd leg about 5-1. Ref dissallowed a goal from captain Josef Sural which was debatable. Subotica offered very little but got a penalty when Sparta’s Serbian defender Uros Radakovic fouled his man clumsily in the box. Then some hooligans came on the pitch after the penalty was dispatched and it all got very messy.


I know you’re being sarcastic but the full game is here thanks to the Faroese FA.


Condolences to the Dundalk fans on the forum going out of Europe today to AEK Larnaca of Cyprus.


Can’t wait to set aside two hours of my life to watch this. I’m kinda busy right now, sadly.


I’m sure dub09’s got the time :sweat_smile:


its called fast forward haha


Many thanks @Ohm.

I had written to the Faroe Islands FA (not that FIFA ho ho ho) looking for footage but they told me there were copyright issues which they would check out with the Vikingur left full who is also a solicitor and get back to me. I also checked with Kutaisi but they just laughed at me and told me to cop on.

Looking forward to this - just heading out to get a bag of cans first.


Super saints fan


Get some Johnnie Onion Rings and/or Meanies, too.




Dundalk is in Louth , is nt known as a gaa stronghold so the chances of a Dundalk fan being on res dubs is as likely as a Connecticut yankee being on it. Oh wait…


Hmmm. I used to think irony was lost on some nationalities but I think it’s getting into the realms of Stan Laurel at this stage. Must admit, I do find total deadpan to be very funny


I know Dundalk is in Louth.


Just checking


Were you actually on the hill in 1983?


What do you think ?


I would assume so but there some ironic ressers on this forum like dub09 :sunglasses:


I m actually from Cape Town no Irish connections. Discovered the dubs on YouTube and loved them ever since. Never being to Ireland never mind Croker.


FFS! Were you on Table Mtn then in 83?