Europa League 2018/19


20k fucking hell :open_mouth:

Great to see they were rewarded. Good to see someone outside of the usual suspects in German football going far in Europe


The Germans always travel in big number to Euro games. Fair play


Yeh but other than Bayern they have a poor record of winning anything. I think two reasons, they don’t and are not allowed spend alot of money on foreign imports. And they never produce a Park The Bus type team and coach, the likes of Mourinho would never get a job there. Of course he wouldn’t want it either but he’d never get the Bayern job, and it shows where the priorites lie, in contrast for example to RM who were willing to sacrifice a great tradition of brilliant football to try to guarantee winning trophies/beating Barcelona.


They have a rich history of travelling across Europe in big numbers indeed …


Did someone mention the war?


Away record in russia not great must be said


And they get a bit stretched when they have to challenge on 2 fronts.


Just there. But I think I got away with it Major…


Als favourite German club getting thumped 4-1 by Benfica in the 1st leg.


You can say that to me directly. I was watching.
Finished 4-2, Eintracht were down to 10 men since quite early in the game.
Great last twenty minutes, 4-3 wouldn’t have flattered them. Still have a chance but need to prioritise the league as that is a Champions League spot currently.
Alot might hinge on getting three points at the wknd, then can throw everything at the cup game and not worry so much about the following wknd.


Al’s favourite German club came back to beat the mighty Benfica from 4-2 down. Chelski next for the chop!


Hope they win it.


You have an Eintracht mind.

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And an Eagle eye…


Zlatman being a dickhead again.


Looking forward to Eintracht-Chelski on thursday. Anyone who might be watching check out the pre-match fan choreo, it’s deadly! Lots of vids on youtube.

Biggest European occasion for them since about 50 years. Just hope the home-grown knuckledraggerheads don’t fook it up for the fans going to the away leg, there’s a mental element there and presumably Chelskum will have some gang there to provoke anything.

Keep the tie well alive and go at them with real pace in the second leg. EF strikers and pace will make them a bit cautious even though they’ve the better quality overall of course. Watch out for Jovic of course, Der Wunderkind. Kostic going well. Rebic has pace and big-game mentality, he scored two in the German Cup Final last year. Haller has done really well in the league this year.
Defensively they aren’t the best and could be killed if they freeze against these. Goaly is excellent. Coach is relatively unknown, came from a much smaller club this season after Kovac went to Bayern.


Do Eintracht have their own set of Ultras ready to take on those lovely Chelsea fans sipping quietly on their skinny lattes on the local cafes, @5AliveOh?

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Just a few mainywagz who might throw a skinny sausage or two at those quirky pensioners Van Den Beekso.
Fascinating Donaghy should be able to safely let loose with his charming Twelve German Bombers party piece. Hope he does…

Btw Rebic is suspended so loss of pace there. Haller likely replacement, more of an aerial threat. Be interesting to see if Eintracht play it cagey


Good result for Eintracht all told. They started really well and at 1-0 near h/t they were on top and looking good for a famous win. Super goal by that man Jovic again.

Then an unusual incident occurred, Gacinovic went up for a bouncing/high ball with a Chelsea defender just inside Chelsea half, judged it better and would have been clean through on goal, albeit the ball had bounced on a bit ahead, so the goaly might possibly have got out, there weren’t any replays that clarified that.

Anyway the Chelsea player clearly pulled Gacinovic back a bit, just enough to be a foul, not enough to really impede him much. G decided to go down, maybe he say the keeper coming and thought he might not get the goal chance. Either way it’s at least a wrong judgement, and the ref gave nothing. If he had given something it might well have had to be a red card, so perhaps G was being a bit cynical, even though the pull back was just as cynical.

Straight from that incident Eintracht seemed to lose all the wind in their sails and Chelsea stepped it right uip a gear, subsequently scoring a finely finished effort just on h/t. The second half then turned out to be very like the end of the first for at least 25 minutes with Chelsea completely dominant, playing some great football, showing all the advantage of the gulf in class. Yet somehow Eintracht clung on. Chelsea didn’t really create a very clear-cut chance but Trapp did brilliantly in goal for Eintracht in general during that period.

In the last 15 minutes Eintracht got going again and pretty much dominated, should have scored. So it’s all to play for second leg, Rebic to come back who as I said has real pace. If Haller gets fit also then Eintracht have a real chance still.
Valencia-Arsenal should be a cracking second leg.


High Tower Loftus-Cheek winning this for Chelski over the two legs