Europa League 2018/19


20k fucking hell :open_mouth:

Great to see they were rewarded. Good to see someone outside of the usual suspects in German football going far in Europe


The Germans always travel in big number to Euro games. Fair play


Yeh but other than Bayern they have a poor record of winning anything. I think two reasons, they don’t and are not allowed spend alot of money on foreign imports. And they never produce a Park The Bus type team and coach, the likes of Mourinho would never get a job there. Of course he wouldn’t want it either but he’d never get the Bayern job, and it shows where the priorites lie, in contrast for example to RM who were willing to sacrifice a great tradition of brilliant football to try to guarantee winning trophies/beating Barcelona.


They have a rich history of travelling across Europe in big numbers indeed …


Did someone mention the war?


Away record in russia not great must be said


And they get a bit stretched when they have to challenge on 2 fronts.


Just there. But I think I got away with it Major…