Europa League 2018/19


Rosenberg equalise !!!


Sweet jesus :see_no_evil:


When did Sean Gannon sign for Genk?


Woohoo , Celtic through :grin:


Gordon’s blushes spared here.
What a time for Rosenberg to show up after 5 straight defeats .


Gas celebrations there in Celtic park, the 2-1 defeat overshadowed by the brilliant news of the equalising goal. Then a fake goal and they cheered again!!! Mad place. Well done Rogers. 9 points from that group was a good achievement.


Gerrard not throwing the lads under the bus for once .


Salzburg the first ever team to win all 6 Europa Leage/UEFA Cup matches on 3 occassions


I’m pretty sure Sean Gannon isn’t 6’6’’ :sunglasses:


I used to think @Harper’s bizarre … but Ohm is streets ahead.

[Is this really happening?]


The draw is next week


Why are you bringing me into this just cause your drunk and thinking about me??


Damn. Rumbled.