Europa League 2018/19


Defo a Benelux mafia connection to all this. Or white goods…


Rangers 1 up in Moscow
2-1 up
3-2 up
Had what looked like a good goal chalked off for offside to go 4-2 up before HT.

2 goals just before the hour mark give Spartak a 4-3 win!

Carlsberg don’t do Thursday evenings, but if they did …


Dudelange 4 nil up at Olympiakos after 35 minutes. I knew it was me.


Poor Danny Welbeck…

Without Xray, no diagnosis, but looks like fractured ankle and/or bottom of tib/fib bones




Christodoulopoulos scores for Olympiakos. Strangely the crowd aren’t chanting his name.


Good scrabble name


Huge win for Celtic . Salzburg will have probably qualified if they win their next match , so they might rest some players for the last game with Celtic .
Qualification still possible, a lot of things have to go right though.


Salzburg should of scored about 9 tonight but a 5-2 away win will do I guess.


Salzburg should have scored


Gerrard throwing a few more lads under the bus again tonight . Interesting if he sees out the season.


Have you the team rosters there?