Europa League 2018/19


Any repeats show on tonight? Would like to watch the highlights of the Gunners game.


You having trouble sleeping?


I sleep remarkably well, despite having to keep one eye open for the missus with the kitchen knife.


Are you on crack


I need some dinner. I’ll post the 2nd half match report shortly after. Tough luck for Dudelange losing 3-0 at Betis.


I know it was only highlights, but Emile Smith Rowe really looks like the real deal. Reminds me of the debut seasons of Fabregas and Jack Wilshere. He was especially good in the pre season friendlies I saw. Good coaching and he could be a special lad. Haven’t been this excited about a youngster since Britney Spears.


Take your time with dinner , indigestion is a bollox, we can wait till tomorrow for that match report or ignore it for the rest of our lives .


What a great result for Krasnodar defeating Sevilla.


indeed. bless


It’s amazing Bart


Beautiful sky here tonight in Seville


Another cracking win for Eintracht Frankfurt, may get to relive the glories of the distant past yet. Well, the 6-3 defeat to Real Madrid in the European Cup Final anyway…


You still playing hide and seek?


7-3 …


That’s a 10-4 good buddy.
I think Dudelange played in the wrong language last night, Flemish or Luxish would have been more suited to that game.


Lovely evening here in Dudelange but there is a palpable sense of desperation. Earlier Rodney said to me ‘Dub09, there is a palpable sense of desperation. Quite simply we cannot lose to Olympiakos. It would be a Greek tragedy. But even Homer nods and it has been quite an odyssey. It will require a Herculean effort by lets hope the dream doesn’t Dionysus.’

But that said as I said it’s a lovely evening here.


Big Day tommorow for the BENELUX Countries

Must Win

Anderlecht v Fenerbahce
Dudelange v Olympiakos

Important to WIn

Standard vs Krasnodar
Besiktas vs Genk


Why is it important to West Indies? What’s your Benelux connection?



Is this real?