Euro 2016


How Wilshire is there, and playing is remarkable - he’s been injured all year and is shite.

Huge 10mins for England or infamy awaits.


Roy H is probably thinking they have it infamy …

Kane’s set pieces are a joke all tournament.


The boos, the boos… they will be lynched.


Kane was rubbish from what I saw. How are they always this rubbish?


That is unbelieveable.


Brilliant stuff


Those guys will be slaughtered!

When are they going to realise that the EPL is ordinary and the best players are foreign? When will they stop putting ordinary players on a pedestal and making them out to be Messi like. Dose of reality long overdue.
Media slaughter them and then wonder why they can’t perform under pressure …


There won’t be a chip frozen in Iceland tomorrow!


Hodgson gone also. Resigned after result. Hardly surprising after probably the worst result in their history


Was last Friday not the worst result?!


Having lost to Iceland,the F.A. have moved swiftly. To aid preparation for the next World Cup, friendlies have already been arranged against Lidl and Aldi.


For once I agree with Dunphy (the rubbery aul b.ollix), it wasn’t that huge of a shock. Iceland have some very good players at some fairly top clubs, have done for years. Add to that organisation to a high degree, athleticism to a high degree, and a very good coach.

They beat a well-tipped team (Austria) & drew with Portugal, who will surely be in the semis at least. England had a handy group because Russia were brutal, they got out of jail against Wales & had Slovakia as the other team. If we had that group we’d have 6 points & not been playing France in Lyon at 2oc in the 2nd rd.


The internet is rather entertaining tonight…


The interwebber was invented for nights like tonight… :grin:

Welsh squad at the final whistle

Sky Sports talking shyte during the match


Every little helps… As da man said.


I think it is too simplistic to say the English players are not good enough. They perform at a much higher level but tonight they were abysmal as a collective.

I think they are paralysed with fear at the knock out stage of tournaments by the repercussions of failure.


How many would get near a German or Italian team … Iceland even :blush:

Harte? Cahill? Walker (defending)?, Rose? Smalling? Wilshere? Kane? Sterling???


Half of their starting line up play for a team that bottled a PL run in and even blew 2nd place. Sterling is a totally overrated one dimensional winger who will slide down the divisions. Kane is an ordinary striker in a poor league - woeful header tonight. Cahill has been carried by Terry for years. Sturridge is not a man for the trenches and Wilshere didn’t have anything like enough game time last year.

Other than that they’re not a bad side …


Jaysus when Dubnphy reeled off their stats in knockout stages it was alarming, how do they manage to convince themselves and good few others that they are contenders for these tournaments.


Not that it’s surprising but the England humiliation tripe being handed out is disrespectful to Iceland. They did dump the Dutch out afterall, got through a harder group than England and we’re more than good for their win.