English Championship


Couple of years in prison hopefully


Grealish puts Villa 1-0 up


QPR up one place today @5AliveOh without kicking a ball…


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Classy as ever Joey

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Sheffield Wednesday second goal had shades of Joe Sheridan’s v Louth.

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God loves a try-er, we’re often told.

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I like Big Mick. But I think he should keep his thoughts to himself, sometimes. He could have expressed his feeling a bit better here…

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Bolton Wanderers home game today against Brentford has been called off. The Bolton players are refusing to play as their wages for March have yet to be paid. Sadly, this could be the death knell for one of English football’s oldest and proudest clubs.


Mistake there by Whelan for the WB goal . He better hope villa get something out of this .


Hourihane with the equaliser!!

And leading 2.1 now.


I see Salford United have won promotion to League Two.




Any Villa fans on here? Big game today, hopefully go one better in the playoffs this season


They look under a bit of pressure . Heard the commentator say extra time if it stays the same . Away goal rule mustn’t count in these.


Grealish playing well . He’s definetly not a Championship calibre player anyway. He would have been wasted playing for us .


Pens it is


Well done Villa.

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Great stuff . Couple of fine saves by Steer .
Hourihan & Grealish have a nice partnership in midfield. Odd selection for the WBA penalty takers