Eir Sport


Nice one, i’ll Have to look into it.


Mobdro is usually ok, but no guarantee that you will get eir2, but it may also be on premier sports.


Do , but keep in mind there’s no guarantee with these iptv subscriptions . You could pay for a year & the service could just disappear over night . It’s the only drawback really . You take the chance but the product is outstanding.


Yeah & it’s free too . If you know your way around Kodi you can get more channels too for free .


Simple solution here @tayto. Just buy a gaff.


Working on that!


Can you record? Want to watch it back Sunday/Monday.


Doubt it . It’s not like normal transmissions on your set top box . These are streams running in real time .
You’d need something like vlc player to record & it’s abit complicated to setup . I’ve researched it & found it not worth the hassle . Unless you set up a DVR to capture the stream . But you’d have to start the stream running & then press record on the DVR . Not like a timer record on your regular set top box , like your weekly planner . You’d have to be there to select the stream .
I’m still looking into how to do it with my setup .


Thanks for the tip boss.


No, not with mobdro, best you can hope for is a good stream.


Ah shite


The football is on live on premier sports and the hurling deferred which means there is a good chance you will get it on mobdro and other sities.


do you subscribe to premiersports? Who are they? all v dodgy?


Don’t think they’re dodgy at all. Just crap.


Seem to let you watch stuff back, so handy for watching matches again when you get home … or does it not work?


Eir Sports and BT Sports are free if you have Eir Broadband. Regardless of your tv provider


I Know yea. Will never use eir again their customer service has herself scared. Virgin broadband is reliable and I need reliable as I work from home.


Go a good mobile deal back in November with Eir. Costs €45 a month and got a phone, free chromecast and ipad. Get free Eir and BT sports on the phone that I can stream to the tv.

This was a Black Friday deal and isn’t readily available but if your mobile contract is up it’s worth keeping an eye on their deals.