Eir Sport


Virgin and Eir broadband are very good,but if you get an android box it’s easy to get IPTV for about €100-€120 a year and that’s for about 2500 channels including all the sports,movies and PPV’s. Brilliant value compared to what you pay the main operators.


I concur :wink:, saved the guts of a grand a year I’d say .


Dunno which service provider is better or worse but Eir sport get my vote for coming up with this for Christmas Eve at least!


I cant watch and i want to watch. Christmas is ruined.


I feel your pain. I stand in solidarity with you…until mid-afternoon of Christmas Eve :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No prizes for guessing where their viewing figures will be high…and low :laughing:


Reports that Eir has just been bought for €3.5 billion by a French billionaire.
This hopefully will lead to better service and Price Wars!


What has Eir’s spend been like up to now? Has it been Eir on a shoestring budget?


They’ll probably cut GAA coverage as he wont have abreeze what it is.


Don’t know how to do it,but, anyone of Resser able to record this and share it,as a suggestion.


Not having access to eir is about to become a serious issue. :confused:


Why don’t you try iptv & stream it ?


Your role as a moderator here may even become questionable.


It’s only €13 a month for first 2 months and then u can cancel. That’s my plan anyway!


Can’t get it on virgin. I can’t get a sky dish cause i’m Renting and I refuse to deal with eircom ever again.


Might have to try that, any way to download/save? Like to watch back matches after?


Depends which one ya get , some have video on demand where you can watch stuff back . Depending on the STB you may be able to record .


I see some of them looks well ropey, but don’t need a box :package:


Yeah , again I’m not too up on them . I use an iptv service myself . But I’m sure others here have other experience with them , I’ve seen others post about them too .


Anyone got any recommendations? Preferably without set top box and with eir sports


Well you’ll need some form of box to watch it if your streaming . Conversely you could connect you laptop or computer to the TV & install the proper program / software to watch it .
I havnt used Mobdro since I got my iptv so don’t know what the quality is like these days .
I use Vader Streams , about €100 a year . Reckon I have in the region of 800 plus channels from around the world & every sport channel you can think of , both us & uk .All the sky , bt , eir , fox , ESPN , beIN ,sky movies , etc .
Unreal value & quality is 720p & sometimes 1080p.