Eir Sport


GAA should look at this, deal, eir is unavailable to a lot of people I won’t get to see tipp v kk tonight :frowning:


Checked VIPbox and Cricfree - no links showing on either for the match . That can change and sometimes what’s listed isn’t what’s broadcast so will check again at closer to 7.


Here you go, just checked again. and its the actual match /coverage =Cody talking now



Dowload Mobdro App on the phone is another option. Free and EIR Sport is on it



ah FFS - I’m going to have to change Tv provider.

Think this is a huge move by the GAA, I know TG4 do a great job but when watching teams you don’t know, it would help to be able to understand the commentary better - could really help improve the profile of the club game.


TG4 still have the Sunday Afternoon games. Presuming there’s going to be one or two of the finals on a Saturday


Yea, it’s an extra 30 games on top of the TG4 coverage - there’s always a glut of matches around county final time, so plenty of interesting matches to go around i would have thought. Hopefully they’ll be kinda dublin centric, to try and get viewership, could really help promote the Club game.

Starting in May, presumably taking a 4 month break then. :innocent:


Nothing like the club volunteer coming home from 4 hours of training the juveniles and then having to pay to see the lads he coached a few years back on TV …

There seems no end to the GAAs ongoing voracious commercial appetite. Keep getting the money in lads … we’ll have enough to go professional yet …


as opposed to not seeing them at all?


Why fix what’s not broken? Why not continue to help promote our native language - one of the core principles of the Association?

Keep saying it … money is increasingly the ONLY consideration in GAA decision making.


it doesn’t affect Tg4’s coverage at all which continues until 2022. So what harm in showing more matches? If people don’t have a subscription so be it but these were games they wouldn’t have seen anyway. I would imagine there would be a serious interest in watching the likes of Plunketts and Ballyboden for example


Fair enough Maxi but it’s slippery slope stuff … toe in water … if it goes well guess what will be next …

Granted, I could be wrong …


Yeah, nothing is being taken away from TG4. These are games that we otherwise wouldn’t be seeing. Who wouldn’t want to watch Dermo vs Philly, Gooch vs Star, Aido vs Leeroy, Richie Hogan vs TJ Reid etc etc (No idea if they all play for clubs in the same divisions. Just making the point.) It’s a great way to promote the sport at grass roots level.


How green of me …


Dont see how it is a money grab, none of the free to air channels were interested, TG4 have the slots filled, certainly RTÉ have little or no interest in airing club (or league) matches. So surely better on EIr then not at all?



Still can’t get eir on virgin


Oooooh matron …


Ditched virgin for sky over that. Very happy with the decision.