East / West conflict strategy




Still waiting to hear more about those “Israeli missile strikes in Syria”??? :face_with_monocle:


“The ‘I will impose sanctions if you buy’ approach will not affect Turkey,” he said. “Turkey will not accept this.”



Turkey is exceptionally well placed, geographically speaking, to ignore all threats. It has always been thus.



I don’t believe they can ignore the threats, I believe they play the man in the middle very well and are well aware how quickly their neighbours were destroyed by the western agenda. If war spilled into Turkey, the EU would be considerably damaged and conflict could potentially spiral.


War, it’s the money have no doubt.


“And we have been lied to by the corporate media, a bunch of paid mouthpieces who repeat what the government tells them without question.”


Absolutely. You are right. That’s the point though. The EU cannot let anything spill over into Turkey.


Yes, that would be different gravy


Remember when the EU were considering letting Turkey join the EU.


Would you not imagine that background talks to allow for their admission (however distant that may be) continue from time to time?


I would hope the notion died entirely in light of Erdogan’s carry-on.


So would I… However…


I’d say it’s died in light of Turkey being a buffer zone between the EU and Syrian/Iraqi refugees.


It was never a runner … no way would the others go for it …


The 8 million ethnic Turks in Germany might go for it. Plenty in other countries too. They pretty much rebuilt Europe after the war.


Yeah they might but they represent a tiny minority in the overall picture