East / West conflict strategy


Israel and in turn Mossad operate outside all international norms. Recently Mossad were found to be travelling the world on stolen and forged Irish passports carrying out assassinations at will. The Irish Governments reaction was to puplicy state that there would be serious repercussions for Israel, that’s as far as it went.
The action taken against Russia in relation to Salisbury was on the grounds that the British government stated it was “highly likely” Russia was responsible. " “Highly likely” is not a legal term to convict in a court. Are we are all to be condemned because it’s highly likely in ones opinion we did something, let’s hope not.


Pearson an American journalist on the ground were the alleged gas attack supposedly took place, repudiates the wests assertion a gas attack was carried out by Assad forces. What evidence did uk,France and USA use to assert a chemical attack had been carried out by Assad forces before they agreed to carry out missile strikes in Syria .


Concision - repeating conventional thoughts. Easier to repeat the mantra than debunk the lies, as we live in a time of concision.


The more uk police and officials do and say in this “poisoning case” the more questions and inconsistencies remain.


Chomsky is an American Jew who is hated by the U.S. and by Israel as he has an unfortunate habit of telling the truth, with evidence to back what he says.


In nearly all debates lies are mixed with half truths and none. Those who attempt to go against the steamrolling agenda of the main stream media and their sponsors are subject to the effects of concision. Naom Chomsky succently defines concision in the above post. In ireland a fine example of concision in effect was the good Friday agreement/ Belfast agreement, Were yes vote was defined as a vote for peace.


Absolutely. You can have all of the debate you want, but only within parameters established by others. Certain questions are not allowed.


It’s not only that Iomaint, the real point is people are conditioned to a narrative and to make a point in opposition to that narrative, takes more than a 30sec sound bite or 300 words.



Slowly and steadily the truth gathers as the state actors slip. The “white helmets” a western force for regime change.
Le Mesurier, however, is not the only figure linked to the British military to take such a perspective. UK Admiral Sir Philip Jones, Chief of Naval Staff, stated last year that “the hard punch of military power is often delivered inside the kid glove of humanitarian relief.” It is for this reason that military actions sponsored by the United States and its allies for the past few decades have often been framed as “humanitarian interventions.”


Social media evidence is all that’s required for america to launch missile strikes on another country.


Sadly comedic.


Yes there is a certain ridiculousness about it, but then when you think they launched $200 million dollars worth of missiles based on social media evidence risking a potential 3rd world war, W.T.F. . It was mentioned that people in flint (American town) are suffering from chemical poisoning, very high levels of lead in their blood, caused by water pollution. They need €50 million to fix the problem, surely that’s a more worthwhile endeavour .





“Trump issued the order despite having been warned by the U.S. intelligence community that it had found no evidence that the Syrians had used a chemical weapon.”


USA, UK and France stated, ALL 103 missiles launched, have successfully hit their targets, so who do you believe?




When the most obvious glaring questions do not fit the narrative, well their to be ignored.