East / West conflict strategy


The whole bombing Syria thing was interesting. I was wondering was Stormy Daniels due to publish a book! Massive lies in the press. One night of bombing. Then nothing. Not a word. North Korea talks, which Trump will scupper- will be the next farce. Where oh where will Donald and Teresa find a handy war to fight?


Is a solution to North Korea in China’s interest ? I don’t think so, unless it’s a unified Korea under China’s influence, so no change there. One theory being put out is that the most recent western bombing of Syria was originally part of a greater offensive to target Assad, and force him into exile. Russia’s strong vocal response in threatening to strike at launch sites along with the failure of Syria and its allies to move forces away from Damascus was too much of a gamble and the initiative was scaled back. The west is looking at a new Syria with a big Russian influence and that’s possibly too much for them to accept. The future will be volatile.


“The most influential paper in the country, the New York Times, has not opposed a single US war—from the Persian Gulf to Bosnia, to Kosovo to Iraq to Libya to the forever war on ISIS—in the past 30 years.”


President Macron says that the recent US-led air strikes on Syria were ‘for the honor of the international community’.


Dear Mr Macron, kindley ask my ring…I’d rather not be part of your International Community if that’s what you consider Honour.
Read today that Theresa has very vested interest in the company who made U.K. bombs dropped on Syria, she stands to make nice some from her shares…
These people are disgusting. Has any of our illustrious leaders spoken out against the bombing of Syria?


Originally these missile strikes were a response to a chemical attack in douma. The chemical attack in douma, clearly never happened, what did happen was a staged propaganda event by the white helmets ( western financed medical auxiliary ). For France now to call it an act of honour is not only an insult to our intelligence it is a betrayal of the integrity of the French people. The attached link adds some clarity.



The white helmets, who move through Syria with Isis and al queda are financed by America.


The march to war is made up of many small steps, conditioning of the population is continuos with constant drip feed of disinformation.
What does it say of US UK media ‘Russia bot’ narrative, and even more so of UK govt experts and @guardian journalism, when of the two best examples of ‘Russia bots’ they can find it turns out neither is a bot, and neither is Russian
the https://t.co/l8rq9CVUrx
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British government Identified “Russian bot” on sky news



We all love madeleine albright, don’t we ?
A feminist icon, I’m told.
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I know a little unkind of me to bring this up,


I wonder what has been offered to Kim behind the scenes? Donald needed a victory somewhere!


Free Kimchi for the rest of his life?


I’m sure Kim is no gaddaffi, will not move out of China embrace, any cosmetic change will be sufficient for a trump victory,


Absolutely. You are 100% on the money I’d say.


So, in the same way Russia was condmened (rightly, in my opinion) by the UK, the EU, the USA and many others over the poisoning episode in Gloucester, will they all be fighting off one another in the race to berate Israel over this?