East / West conflict strategy


Thank ■■■■ for the level-headedness of Donald Trump.


I’m a few hours ahead of you at the moment, and I can tell you, it’s grand. Sleep well.






They’ve fcukin loads of gas!


Is anyone else genuinely concerned about this? As in properly dreading what could happen. Playing on my mind the past few days



Yeah, I remember our history teacher in school many years ago telling us that if there ever was a WW3, that there’d be nobody left to have a WW4!
Although I have to admit that when I first saw the name of this thread, I thought it might have been about Finglas! :sunglasses:


Think Einstein said WW4 would be fought with sticks and stones such would be the devastation of WW3.


Yes because name calling would be futile


Genuine concern, the overall concensus is Russia will not react to launch sites but will shoot down inbound missiles. This will provide both sides a save face of some sort. Still a very volatile situation.


Thank God for wrishty hurlers.


Now that you have revealed the irish states WW3 planning strategy we are possibly moving up the ladder of potential targets.


We have our iodine tablets, we’ll be grand!


Will my tin hat be of any use?


Does counting to 50 not bring you back to life?


I have a concrete cellar with 6 months supply of food in the basement of the house. I’ll have to re-house the servants though.


Let them eat cake!


They love prairie sandwiches.