East / West conflict strategy


Rebuilding their military and throwing their weight around the world pretending to be a super power is really not what the average russian needed.


Will reply later, very busy day today.


The Devil Wears Pravda.


In fairness, Russia was on its knees. The Soviet Union crumbling around it’s ears. I don’t like Putin but he took over a basket case.


Yea with a level of corruption that would make Charles haughey blush. Not to mention taking over for life and jailing/killing opposition leaders.

Other then that he’s done a great job. Oh yea and throwing his weight around in geopolitical terms so he has sanctions which are devastating the economy. Other then that he’s done Great.

Has played the West off beautifully though, totally grasped the power of social media more than the west. Weaponised information and caused absolute havoc. Genius really, i’d Say he laughs himself to sleep every night at this stage.