East / West conflict strategy


is this info from tinfoilhat.com?


No, it’s all verifiable info from sources involved. I understand it doesn’t fit your world view and I accept you feel a need to be insulting to make your point.


Who exactly? And can you post the links?

I’m not disagreeing with you at all, but before I set fire to my pitchfork head, I’d like to inform myself. Rather than believe a chap on the internet who calls himself NapperTandy…


If you read my post it clearly states Russian MOD. Obviously you can go online and verify but here’s a link as requested,


So the Fox News equiv?


Your putting the Russian MOD as on a par with Fox News, seriously ?


No comparison. Fox news occationly allows for competing opinions




Naps like to believe Russian fake news, aka propaganda Channels, aka anti-western conspiracy blogs.


Russia-phobia? Give me a break. You really swallow this rubbish lock, stock and barrel. Youvtrot out all the Russia today talking points, anti Eu, anti France & Uk.

Russia was doing fine till that gangster took over and mobbed the place up and started throwing his weight around.

I suppose poor Vladimir is just misunderstood, it’s not like opposition tend to wind up dead or constantly in jail or anything.


Really, your opinions are consistently devoid of fact. Putin has rebuilt the Russian military and has reestablished Russian power on the world stage. I quoted the Russian MOD and you retorted with a derisory post of tinhat. Not surprised that your a supporter of Yeltsin, Hillary, Macron, fits with the simple sound bite al la carte national and global opinionated uninformed outraged constituency. Easier to join the herd in outrage than learn the facts and explain the truth.


Russia has a smaller economy then Italy, Canada and half the size of California, it also has a huge dependence of natural resource. At some stage the myth of Russia will be shown to the word, hence their need to become relevant by creating cause in other countries one destabilise institutions. History seems to be repeating itself and unless the corruption and centralised control eases I see history repeating itself with a massive economic ans system calapse. Once there puppet is out of office government in the US things will start to change.


… i’m sure he has. He also murders dissidents and jails opposition leaders at the drop of a hat. Not hard to keep winning elections when you do that is it. But you wont say a bad word about him.

The reaserting Russia as a geopolitical player is to get the moronic flag wavers behind him. Typica hard man bollocks but it’s working well, you and your russian fake news websites are spreading the word very effectively.

He has also enriched himself and his henchmen oligarchs while the general population are left to rot.

you constantly bang on about being a truth seeker but yo link to endlessly obscure fake news and conspiracy websites. It’s typical internet “i know more then you” truthseeker conspiracy bollocks.


Hyperbole, no truth statement.


Once again you go down that route. I slate Trump so your simple black and white minds thinks i must be a hillary supporter. I slate Putin so you think i’m pro-Yeltsin? WTF!!! :joy:

Get you head out of your hole and stop reading russian propaganda.:robot:


Trump met with Russian agents and who conspired with him to get him into the white house in return for lifting sanctions. Even Trump has more or less admited that. Russia state TV have. But not nappertandski.


Are you confusing bush with Putin. How can you honestly judge people to a different standard, depending on whether or not their objective is inline with your selfish interest.


You have gone over the ledge with that statement. Even if Russia could pick the u.s president, why pick trump anyway so off the wall, it’s not worth getting into, seriously.


Lol your gas. There is a huge amount of evidence choose to onky get your news from Russian propaganda that is fine. But Russia will never have a US administration like this one. I give 10 years before Russia’s a basket case again