East / West conflict strategy


Does the WHO have figures on those killed from the Protestant reformation, the Napolenoic war, The dark ages?

What is interesting is Using the FBI numbers, the violent crime rate fell 48% between 1993 and 2016.

Maybe the world is no less or more violent then it ever has been as a whole. The media may skew thinking.

Sticking with the US, we hear every week of shootings etc. Why do European media not report on gun crime where a home owner successfully shoots and intruder and stops a violent crime? It happens across he US every week but media here ignore it. Go figure.


That’s a 13.3% increase since 1990 to 2013.
The world’s population has grown by over 35% in the same period (5.31b in 1990 to 7.17b in 2013).


thats a terrifying statistic


… and the demands on resources that generates is only going to lead to more wars, unfortunately.

How did i miss the conspiracy theory thread till now! - links to wikileaks! … seriously! :expressionless:


Speaking of conspiracy theories and fake news, etc… but the Ukrainians have scored a serious own goal on this one, I reckon…


I don’t understand the supposed ‘sting’ part of the story.


well, we dont hear of run of the mill gun killings of that sort which happen in the USA. we wouldnt hear of them happening in France, Germany etc as there is no common overarching media for Europe like the USA where you have nationwide networks and local affiliates (there is no real eurpean version of NBC Nightly News), so what happens in each european country stays there unless it is a massive story. For example, the killings in France this week because the murderer shouted allah akbar.

As for this being the worst century for “non war” murders and voilence, that may end up being true due to the sheer number of people - which will include more murderers who will have an access to technology to kill which never was so freely available before.


Those killings were in Liege, weren’t they? Not in France?


I did above. As beeko has pointed out murders have actually gone down when you factor in population increase. We also know more about what’s happening in more remote parts of the world like Africa for example that we didn’t really know in previous centuries.


In the past it was predicted that future ‘wars’ would be terrorist-type, and small militias carrying out both political and religious motivated and random acts of violence, also economically motivated etc.




if thats not a wind up for tayto’s benefit I’ll eat my hat


well he isn’t wrong about the effects of a full scale nuclear war, the destruction of the ozone layer would mean a lot of solar radiation which would have a massive impact. Not to mention the way the world is so joined up and countries interdependent on each other. As storm Emma showed a modern country only really has stockpiles of food for a few days should manufacturing and transport stop for whatever reason.

It’s well known that the first thing the soviets planned to do if there was to be a strategic nuclear strike was to detonate high yield weapons high in the atmosphere as a EMP to knock out the electrical systems of the west (they’d also blast the ozone layer) before the strikes hit. Even if they did that, without the strikes, the modern western world would be crippled.


Infowars :joy:

Even NapperT can’t think that’s a credible source.


It’s information, how you treat it after that is up to yourself I think.


Short term memory, it allows the political classes to write a narrative to suit their agenda in the knowledge they will never be held to account for their lies and the consequences of them.
1964, Vietnam
“The Gulf of Tonkin attack was not an unprovoked or deliberate attack. There was no attack at all.”


Some truth on infowars…problem is there is so much rubbish too. Gulf on Tonkin a great example of a false flag which was admitted but not really covered or dissected by mainstream media…all very quiet today too considering it’s the 50th anniversary of the murder of Robert Kennedy…possibly the best president America never had.


American Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein, retorts,
Bill Clinton called me the “preferred Russian alternative”. He knows Russian preferences, having made $500K for a single speech from the Russian bank promoting the Uranium One deal that awaited HRC’s approval.
Unlike Bill, I paid my own way & my speech was about making peace.



Big military build up in and around Syria. Russian MOD reporting rebels in idlib have filled tanks with chlorine and are moving them into position for staged chemical attack. America has moved battleship with 56 tomahawks onboard into strike position. Russia has 3 frigates Transiting from Bosphorus to Mediterranean. Russian MOD accuses America, uk and france of preparing to strike Syria under pretence of staged false flag chemical attack. Syrian army preparing for idlib offensive in next 72 hours.