East / West conflict strategy


Irony is dead


I would agree historically they are, but America is most culpable in recent times.


Russia are no slouchers, either.


Netanyahu telling lies well I for one am shocked


Infamy!! He’s not the Messiah- he’s a very naughty boy!


Quote Pearson Sharp, U.S journo. in Syria.
“You can see these all over Syria, on walls and road signs and lamp posts… They’re portraits of martyrs, men who died fighting the Islamic State and other Western backed rebels. Communities share them to help keep the memory alive and honor those who gave their lives…”


When the narrative is working, the obvious tends to resemble a shocking revelation, like whoever thought their was no foreign interference in any national election. Mind you the selling the myth that Russia had a preference for trump over Hillary, takes the biscuit.


Whaaa?! Shirley Trump way more use to Russia than Hilary, he’s a complete stooge to their smart operations, he’s like a puppet president for them. H for all her faults would’ve fought smart and very covert with the Russian (and others’) power plays.


Hillary is viewed as predictable and obviously Trump as unpredictable.


Would be a great name for a porn star.


It would be even better if she took Donny’s lead … Shirley T. Rump




Insights into a countries military nuclear structure are rare, and even rarer are first hand accounts. The consequences of nuclear conflict, would bring devastation to life on earth on a scale the world has never seen before, with the ultimate potential to end all human life. With such potential, why is full nuclear disarmament not a priority on the world stage? .


Israels nuclear arsenal, estimated at between 200 to 400 warheads, not up for discussion as U.S, Canada and U.K will block all attempts and ensure Israels carte blanche, irrespective of all consequences.


The last time Israel went out the back to ‘cut the grass’ and killed thousands of Palestinians, the U.S. sent them a ship full of armaments, slap bang in the middle of their usual lies, platitudes and thoughts+prayers. The Hasidic masters of white phosphorous are weaving their magic once again. The British have a lot to answer for. I am hugely proud that our country is seen as intensely pro Palestinian. That is not because we are biased, it is because we are educated.


I would much prefer as a state we acted that way internationally, to be seen is settling at a very low bar.


Why do the hard work, just take over an organisation and get it to promote your values. simple.



BiBi obviously laying the groundwork for another invasion of Lebanon


He is the second most dangerous man on this planet.