Dubs, Pubs and Automobiles, away days resources


Or try Bar Rue in Omagh. Handy parking behind it.

Does more casual food during the day while Grants probably better at night.

Or if you got kids…trusty MacDonalds on the Dromore Road!!


It’s a bit sparse on restaurants.
I’d agree with Daller & go into Omagh.


Had food in Grants last year, while overnighting in Omagh, on our way to Donegal. Nice place, nice food and child friendly.


If I left a couple of mine there for the match would they be alright with that do you think?


Depends if you remember to collect them afterwards or not! If not, MH might try and nab them! :sunglasses:


What’s the parking like up there, anything close to the ground, in terms of a big off street car park??


Right opposite Healy Park is Greenhill Cemetery. (No puns allowed!)

Couldn’t miss it…and it’s free parking.

I’d say a big crowd will go…so you’d need to park early.

Otherwise abandon the car on the Gortin Road


Yo yo yo Daller.

If a body was of a mind to do some touristy stuff up yonder, in yizzer neck of the woods…what of these 4 Sperrin drives are the most scenic?



Apparently you can buy abortions over the counter up there.