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they not bar us from upstairs after 2011


No, I think they can handle us once a year. Just about.

There was glass broken yesterday. No names though.


I just walked in about 9 bells and about 5/6 dodgey looking charachters were walking down the stairs, that you lot??


That’s why I didn’t go upstairs!


Yes. Went in at 2pm for a next day curer and chat. Enough said.


First league away match of the year, What kind of travel are people taking up? Probably just drive meself but be interested to know if there any buses on the go? Any recommended parking in Tyrone near ground? Cheers


Are they still in the EU? Will my EIHC card be any good if I have a medical emergency?


Sure even if it’s not you can do your weekly shopping in a Sainsbury’s up there and offset the savings against the STD clinic or whatever emergency it is, every cloud and that


Can you get the quare stuff over the counter yet?


The “quare stuff” ?

Please enlighten me.


ArmaLites? AK 47’s? Semtex?


Ah jaysus lads. Do ur read the papers at all at all



I depend on Reservoir Dubs for rational & insightful interpretation of national & world news.


Fixed that for you.


Solpadeine Plus …


What about it?


you can get it over the counter without waterboard questioning


I always say ‘back pain’ when the interrogation starts.


I’m in Donegal early on Saturday and will head from there. Any nice pubs or places to eat in Newtownstewart @upthedall ?


Jeez…have to say I don’t think I’ve ever ate there!

It’s one of those places you pass between Omagh and Strabane.

In fact a lot of kids from N’Stewart would go to school in Omagh it’s that small.

A lovely place in Omagh is called Grants. Up by the Court House.