Granda always used “Buckets of Shush” to keep us quite.
Called fellas a Mutton Head or Mallet Head…


or a window to throw it out of


My mam was giving out to one of my brothers one day and his reply was, “you bleeding’ rared me”

An old work colleague of mine is a real auld Dub, and one of his witticisms is “kids are like farts, you can just about stand your own”!


I’m sure he will be along later defending Vincent’s and giving out about Jim Gavin :wink:


HaHaHa Ya complete baliks

I was just about to go asleep down here in enemy territory and I woke up my youngest with a very loud splurging laugh!


Uniquely Dublin terms

All that and a bag of chips
All that and the bus fare home
Give it socks


When someone bumps into you, you say “sorry” - instead of “watch where you’re going asshole”!
We’re very polite people really.


Anyone familiar with “chance your arm” ?


Very familiar … but usually ended up getting “a smack in the mush” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Dip in the dip and leave the heron for your granny…


Is that Dublin,Ohio :thinking:


Save yer breath to cool yer porridge!


Now that’s a new one for me.


On first read I thought it said leave the heroin for your granny. Now that …


Actually a quick google revealed it’s Herring, not Heron. Me Da says it all the time. From when they made a watery fish stew thing, but you had to leave the best bit for granny


He would eat a nun’s arse through the convent gate



And chancer. Spoofer. Charleton.


Or he/she would ‘Say Mass…’


Is “I will yeah” a Dublinism? As in, when asked to do something that you are 100% not going to do, you say I will yeah. Could be an Irishism rather than a Dublinism? Got me in awful trouble when I first moved to Australia anyway


He’d ate a leg of the lamb of God, that lad.