You’re one of the few here who can verify that, ya old codger!


Me and Norman Metcalfe …




Wissht now… urban myth


Remember the ad on RTE ?

“Send your money to me, Bunny Carr, Gorta”


He’s out mottin with the quare one.


Your only a ****, the best day ever you were!


Who remembers ‘go ahead’s’ on busses?


He’s skinnier than the youngfella on de bleedin Trocaire Box!

The craic was 90 (possibly in the Isle of Man)


Taken to the extreme, I remember the last 40C’s from town on a Sunday night where there’d be a big sing song and the conductor would never venture upstairs to collect the money.


Or, if you’re Wayne Rooney, the crack was 90 (years old).


In a similar vein - ‘she thinks she’s the cheese, but she’s not even the cow on the box’


I knew a fellow years ago who’d say about a good looking bird “I’d eat a yard of her gick”


The stages of inebriation . I’m sure I’m missing a few :smiley:

Well oiled ———Jarred———Scuttered——— Baloubus


Yes the teenagers still use it to have a gathering. Example, ‘Stall Wifi’s’ to get everyone to go to a party in your gaff


You cant beat a bit of class :grinning:


That should be s lesson to you that you should nt hang around with Tory MPs.


Would you get out and walk. Get up the bleedin yard. Ask me swiss…ye bowsie…


You’d wanna see someone about that Tourettes :wink:


Paralytic —— feeling no pain—-